Advanced Tools Speed Your Path to Productivity

Dentrix Ascend packs advanced business, practice management and clinical tools into an easy-to-use interface. You can move quickly from new user to expert, reaching full productivity almost immediately.

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Work Smarter and Faster. The unique Natural User Interface (NUI) in Dentrix Ascend makes it easy to complete daily tasks, so you get more done in less time. Built-in Task Automation Management Intelligence (TAMI) automates repetitive tasks, helping your team to work smarter.

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Focus on Goals, Problems and Solutions. Dentrix Ascend includes a predictive problem-solving feature called Goals, Problems and Solutions (GPS). This unique business tool identifies tasks that need attention and provides options for remediation to keep your practice on course.

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Practice Overview

Get an Overview of Each Role’s Tasks. When you or your team members log in, Dentrix Ascend displays a role-based Practice Overview that shows the current status of your primary work items. Each day you get a customized to-do list, so no important task slips through the cracks.

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Schedule All Providers and Operatories. In Dentrix Ascend, you can easily select and schedule specific operatories and providers. The schedule lets you quickly enter treatment plans, multiple providers per appointment, and confirmations.

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Track Insurance Plans and Eligibility. Dentrix Ascend manages up to ten insurance plans for every patient. The Insurance Manager helps your office track the current eligibility of each patient and archive any expired plans.

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Patient Overview

Streamline Patient Check-in. The Patient Overview in Dentrix Ascend displays everything you need to know about each patient on one well-organized screen, speeding up patient check-in. You can get more detailed information in one click.

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Share Records Across All Locations. Dentrix Ascend lets you create an unlimited number of physical practice locations. This lets you share patient records across all locations while still maintaining separate schedules and production reporting.

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Create Walkout Statements Quickly. Dentrix Ascend lets you sort your ledger history by procedures and provide fast responses to patient inquiries. You can quickly create walkout statements, calculate payments, and apply payments to specific procedures.

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Document Manager

Search and Manage Documents and Images. The Document Manager in Dentrix Ascend allows you to add documents to patient files, upload images and assign tags to documents for fast and easy searching.

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Use eServices for No Extra Charge. Dentrix Ascend includes eServices in your monthly subscription. You can submit insurance claims electronically, automate patient communication, and use other web applications with eServices.

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Patient Profile

Build Better Connections with Patients. The Patient Profile in Dentrix Ascend makes it easy to track referrals, efficiently manage family and guarantor relationships, and add conversation notes. This helps you build personal connections with patients.

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Clinical Chart

Customize Your Clinical Charts. In Dentrix Ascend, you can easily add procedures, conditions and clinical notes to patient charts. You can also group related procedures into multi-codes.

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Dentrix Ascend Imaging is a custom-made imaging solution. It requires no bridges and no on-premises imaging servers. Because it’s truly cloud-based, it frees your office from IT tasks like upgrades, image storage and backups.

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Treatment Plan

Easily Create and Track Treatment Plans. Dentrix Ascend provides a drag-and-drop treatment planner for creating, presenting and scheduling patient cases. You can easily track each plan’s acceptance and progress, too.

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Make Recare More Efficient. Recare plans for each patient can be quickly added based on several routine treatments.

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Medical Alerts

Add Medical Alerts to Patient Files. Dentrix Ascend lets you select from a catalog of existing medical alerts, create custom alerts and mark specific alerts as high priority to make them visible every time you open a patient’s file.

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Watch the Numbers You Care About. The drag-and-drop interface in Dentrix Ascend allows you to quickly create customized reports. With one click you can get charts and graphs to surface your practice data. You can also drill down for more details or export your reports to multiple formats for further analysis.

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Perio Chart

Record Perio Progress. The Perio Chart in Dentrix Ascend gives you all the tools you need to evaluate and track patients’ periodontal progress.

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User Roles

Enable Your Team At Each Site. Dentrix Ascend lets you assign user roles by location and by user. This makes it easier for multi-site practices to give each provider and team member the interface they need to be most productive.

Software in Dentist Office

Phosphor Plate Imaging

DEXIS for Dentrix Ascend phosphor plate imaging is now available natively in Dentrix Ascend.

  • Easily attach images to claims.
  • Share images electronically.
  • Images back up automatically in the cloud.
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Online Booking

Offer your patients the convenience of online booking—and save hours of time for your team. Dentrix Ascend online booking helps you fill your appointment book, improve office efficiency and increase patient satisfaction. Online Booking automatically reminds patients when it’s time to schedule continuing care. They can conveniently book their appointments online and in real time—even when your office is closed.