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The payer search tool helps you identify the insurance companies you work with that offer electronic connectivity. You can search by payer ID or Payer Name for payers that accept electronic claims and attachments, or that provide electronic insurance eligibility verification.

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If the insurance company you work with isn’t on the list or if they are on the list, but don’t provide the service you want, tell us about it. We’ll try to get them added.

Payer ID or Payer Name:
Payer ID Payer Name eClaims™ Special Enrollment Attachments Eligibility
52133United HealthCare (UHC)
52147Delta Dental of Washington DC (AARP)
52147AARP (Administrated by Dental of Washington DC)
52147DC DD
52147DC Delta Dental
52147DD DC
52147Delta Dental of DC
52180UMWA Health & Retirement Funds
52193LBA Health Plan
52193Allegeant (f.k.a. LBA Health)
52611Electrical Workers Welfare Trust (Printed)
53021LA BCBS Advantage Plus Network
53085Anchor Benefit Consulting Inc.
53287Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware
53287BC/BS of Delaware
53287BCBS DE
53287DE Blue Cross Blue Shield
53287Delaware Blue Cross Blue Shield
53287BCBS of DE Fully- Insured Dental Group Business
53589Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona
53589Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield
53589AZ BCBS
53589BC/BS of AZ
53589Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona- FEP Claims
53589Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ
54084Delta Dental of Virginia
54084DD of VA
54084DD VA
54084VA DD
54084VA Delta Dental
54097Medicaid of South Dakota
54097DD SD
54097Delta Dental of SD
54097Delta Dental of South Dakota
54097SD DD
54097SD Delta Dental
54097Medicaid of SD
54097SD Medicaid
54097South Dakota Medicaid
54763Amerihealth Administrators
55438CBCA- Comprehensive Benefits & Claims Administrators (Claims are Printed & Mailed to this Payor)
55731Central Susquehanna Healthcare Providers (CSHP)
55731Claimsbridge South
56101Delta Dental of North Carolina