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Additions to Take Your Practice Higher

While Dentrix Ascend comes with the features and tools you need to run an efficient practice, adding one or more of our optional apps can enhance your software’s functionality.

By supplementing the great features already in Dentrix Ascend, you’ll gain valuable new ways to improve efficiency, protect patient and staff health, reduce costs, save time and heighten patient loyalty. Consider boosting your practice’s ability to be successful with our add-on apps: Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe, Dentrix Ascend Pay, Dentrix Ascend Voice Perio, and LiveChat.

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Dentrix Ascend Detect AI

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, brings artificial intelligence x-ray analysis to your Dentrix Ascend imaging workflow, helping dentists and clinical staff make early and accurate detection of carious lesions and view interproximal radiographic bone level measurements, allowing your practice to reach a new level of patient care.

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Dentrix Ascend Pay

Boost your practice’s profitability with Dentrix Ascend Pay, an integrated payment solution that streamlines your payment process and makes getting paid quicker and easier. Dentrix Ascend Pay accepts the convenient, flexible payment options patients want and posts directly to the ledger — eliminating double entry errors, simplifying voids and refunds, and providing detailed payment transaction reports.

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Dentrix Ascend Online Payments

Dentrix Ascend Online Payments enhances your eStatements functionality by enabling you to include a payment link in your emailed statement. Now you can help your practice collect from patients faster to maintain cash flow and create a more efficient payment experience for your patients and staff. With this combined solution, you can send electronic statement notifications directly to patients via an email at any time, providing them with a simple way to view statements and pay balances.

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Dentrix Ascend Voice

Dentrix Ascend Voice is an advanced AI speech-to-text voice assistant that helps increase productivity and profitability in your practice. Using affordable recording devices and advanced artificial intelligence technology from Bola AI, Dentrix Ascend Voice seamlessly captures dictated perio results as well as clinical notes. This ready-to-use, highly accurate voice recognition system opens new opportunities for increased profitability by eliminating manual data entry time and errors while maximizing safety and patient care.

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Dentrix Ascend ePrescribe

Go beyond just sending electronic prescriptions to pharmacies. ePrescribe prioritizes patient safety by automatically checking for drug allergies, drug interactions, dosage errors and duplicate therapies. ePrescribe also prioritizes patient convenience by sending prescriptions to the pharmacy your patient chooses. Besides, ePrescribe is easy to use because all these benefits are integrated within Dentrix Ascend.

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Dentrix Ascend LiveChat

Grow your business with LifeChat by immediately engaging with your website’s visitors. LiveChat results in more new patients because you miss fewer opportunities to get prospective patients the information they need to choose your dental practice. Highly trained, human operators are available 24/7 to answer questions, gather contact information and help schedule appointments.

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