Dentrix Ascend Voice

Dentrix Ascend Voice

Open New Opportunities With Advanced AI Voice Recognition Software for Clinical Notes and Perio Exams

Accurate, Hands-Free Recording With Dentrix Ascend Voice

Dentrix Ascend Voice is an advanced AI speech-to-text voice assistant that helps increase productivity and profitability in your practice. Using affordable recording devices and advanced artificial intelligence technology from Bola AI, Dentrix Ascend Voice seamlessly captures dictated perio results as well as clinical notes. This ready-to-use, highly accurate voice recognition system opens new opportunities for increased profitability by eliminating manual data entry time and errors while maximizing safety and patient care.


Eliminate Manual Entry

Manual entry requires additional time and resources for your dentists and hygienists. Let Dentrix Ascend Voice become your new virtual assistant as you easily record perio exam results and clinical notes verbally, without manual data entry. Dentrix Ascend Voice uses advanced technology to improve perio exam speed and efficiency. Plus, it simplifies entry of clinical notes for all your providers.

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Easily Adopt and Integrate

Dentrix Ascend Voice integrates with your current Dentrix Ascend software, installs rapidly and requires no voice training or configuration. It’s ready for same-day startup and seamless recording of perio exam data and clinical notes. Because Dentrix Ascend Voice comes programmed with a full dental lexicon, your dentists and hygienists can speak naturally to take more complete notes from the first recording. If you need additional support, you’ll save time and money with no-charge online and remote training, including videos and live mentoring assistance.

Save Time and Resources

Dentrix Ascend Voice reduces the time and cost of data entry for all providers. In perio exams, it eliminates both the need for an assistant as well as for the hygienist to repeatedly stop and start the exam to record the results manually. For dentists, the ability to dictate clinical notes eliminates the drudgery of manual typing, and easy-to-use templates further expedite the process. With support for five concurrent users, it works for all the providers in your office.

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Be Heard With Intelligent Voice Recognition

Dentrix Ascend Voice uses advanced AI to record speech with 99.9% accuracy regardless of who’s speaking, their particular phrasing or accent or which microphone is used. It also recognizes conversational volume, maintaining patient privacy. Dentrix Ascend Voice adapts to nearly all potential users, screens out background noise for clear recording and has a dental lexicon that eliminates the need for shorthand abbreviations, making your notes complete and accurate.

Increase Patient Involvement

A modern, efficient practice leaves a positive impression on your patients, whose time is as valuable as yours. Dentrix Ascend Voice helps you provide a fast, accurate perio exam that leaves more time for the hygienist to consult with patients on needed treatments. And hearing and understanding the meaning of perio numbers further engages patients in their treatment, opening the door for more involved patient education, better treatment acceptance and better patient referrals.

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Mitigate Risks With Touchless Recording

Reduce the risk of infection transmission by freeing hygienists and other staff from the keyboard and mouse contact required for manual data entry. And removing an assistant from the operatory further improves infection control, while giving assistants time for other priority projects.