Dentrix Ascend Online Payments

Dentrix Ascend Online Payments

Streamline your workflow, simplify your billing process, increase cash flow


With Dentrix Ascend Online Payments functionality in eStatements*, you’ll be able to include an online payment link in the statement notifications you send via text and email so patients will have the option to pay anytime, anywhere and you can maintain immediate cash flow to your practice. Sending an electronic notification with an option to pay online — rather than a printed statement — keeps your payment request top of mind with patients and is much more affordable and efficient than mailing paper copies, giving your staff more time to focus on other critical tasks.


Offer Convenient Patient Payment Options

Patients can pay their balance 24/7 with the additional functionality of Dentrix Ascend Online Payments included with the eStatements feature.* This intuitive solution allows patients to view their statements using their personal link, pay balances and print receipts — all without visiting or calling your office.

Customize Your Communication

This solution works with eStatements so you can have complete control over patient billing and collections messaging. For a customized patient experience, you can add personal messages to statements and determine when they are sent — allowing you to communicate the way you want and the way patients prefer.

Save Time, Money and Effort

Dentrix Ascend Online Payments is part of the eStatements feature, which helps you streamline your financial workflow by sending electronic notifications with an Online Payments* option to patients. Patients who have the option to pay online on their own — without contacting your practice — help save your staff time so they can focus on patients in the office. All you need to get started with Dentrix Ascend Online Payments is a merchant ID (MID) with Worldpay from FIS.

Send Electronic Statement Notifications

For a simple and convenient way for patients to make payments, your staff can send electronic statement notifications that include a link to a secure payment portal directly to patients’ emails. This payment portal does not require credentials from your patient, making it easy to submit a one-time payment for service.

Maintain Cash Flow

Your practice can collect payments from patients quicker with Dentrix Ascend Online Payments via eStatements, helping you better maintain cash flow to your practice.

Rely on an Integrated, Automated Solution

Combining both Dentrix Ascend Online Statements and Dentrix Ascend Pay gives you a complete solution that offers everything you need for online payments and card payments — and both solutions are fully integrated with Dentrix Ascend. When a patient pays, either from a link in an online statement notification or through Dentrix Ascend Pay (powered by Worldpay from FIS), the Dentrix Ascend Ledger and the patient’s account will automatically update in real time no matter which office a patient visits.


* Requires a Merchant ID (MID) account with Worldpay from FIS, a Dentrix Ascend partner