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Convenient Contactless Payment With Dentrix Ascend Pay

Dentrix Ascend Pay offers contactless payment methods, which reassures patients that your practice prioritizes their health and safety. No-contact payment solutions help your patients and staff stay safe during COVID-19. With Dentrix Ascend Pay, patients can use credit cards, digital wallets, smartphones, and other touch-free payment methods. Ascend Pay gives patients what they want — the ease and safety of contactless payments.


Convenient Patient Payment Options

Provide your patients with convenient and simple ways to pay remotely, 24/7. Dentrix Ascend Online Payments and eStatements provide a simple way for you to send notifications that allow patients to view their statements, pay balances and print receipts from home — without calling or visiting your practice — so your staff can focus on patient care in the office. You already have a merchant ID (MID) account with Worldpay. You can start using Dentrix Ascend Online Payments today.


Benefit From Seamless Ascend Integration

Dentrix Ascend Pay integrates directly into Dentrix Ascend, so its workflow is seamless, helping your team be more efficient. Process patient payment at the time of service and all payments post to the patient ledger with no manual entry or credit card receipt reconciliation required.

Easily Manage Voids and Refunds

Voiding and refunding on non-integrated payment solutions can be complicated and time-consuming. Dentrix Ascend Pay gives you simplified voiding and refunding in real time with just a few clicks, so you can quickly resolve patient issues without diminishing your team’s productivity.

Accept All Popular Payment Types

Patients expect convenient and flexible payment options, and you want to be paid at the time of service. With Dentrix Ascend Pay, you can accept all popular credit and debit cards, EMV (chip), FSA and HSA as well as NFC contactless payments such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Print or Reprint Receipts

Dentrix Ascend Pay lets you see detailed payment card transaction reports in your Dentrix Ascend software. You can also print a receipt — not only at the time of payment but whenever a patient requests it.

Be More Efficient With a Single Solution

For service and support, you’ll enjoy a single point of contact for Dentrix Ascend and Dentrix Ascend Pay. Because the solution is integrated with your Dentrix Ascend software, there is no additional software to buy or upfront setup and registration fees. New customers receive one free device from WorldPay and a $500 CSP credit. Below is a list of supported devices with Ascend Pay:

  • Ingenico Lane 3000 (Ethernet cable)
  • Ingenico Link 2500 (WiFi - Dual-band)

See how Dentrix Ascend Pay can deliver time and money savings to your practice.

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