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Improve the speed and efficiency of your payment workflow with advanced cloud technology

Improve Productivity With Dentrix Ascend Pay

Dentrix Ascend Pay saves patient cards for future payments and posts payments directly to the Dentrix Ascend Ledger. These features and more work to increase efficiency and profitability across your practice while you enjoy this payment solution's seamless integration with your practice management software.


Benefit From Seamless Integration

Streamline the flow of your business. Dentrix Ascend Pay integrates directly into your Dentrix Ascend practice management software so its workflow is seamless. Not only will this help your team be more efficient, but seamless integration drastically reduces the risk of error because transactions post directly to the Dentrix Ascend Ledger.


Increase Productivity by Reducing Manual Workflows

Dentrix Ascend Pay allows you to not only process patient payments at the time of service, but save a patient’s card for future payments, alleviating the hassle of trying to track down a patient every time you need to process a payment. All payments post automatically to the ledger so you can accurately see a patient’s account status in real time.

Easily Manage Voids and Refunds

Eliminate complicated and time-consuming voiding and refunding. Other solutions require a time-consuming process, requiring manual entry on the keypad, logging into a portal or calling the card processor. Dentrix Ascend Pay simplifies these transactions, so with just a few clicks, you can resolve — in real time — any patient issues and accounting errors that may occur without diminishing your team’s productivity.

Accept All Popular Payment Types

Get paid at the time of service and offer patients the convenient payment options they expect. With Dentrix Ascend Pay, you can accept all popular credit and debit cards, EMV (chip), FSA and HSA as well as NFC contactless payments such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Statements Your Way — Mail or Online Options

With Dentrix Ascend Pay, you can tailor your billing workflows to the needs of your practice and patients. Send statements directly to a patient online or printed out for their convenience — and include a payment URL that updates the ledger automatically.

Do More With Worldpay

Provide even more convenience to patients when you combine Dentrix Ascend Pay with Online Payments. Dentrix Ascend Pay requires a Merchant ID (MID) account from Worldpay FIS to process credit card transactions at a competitive rate. And with your MID, you can start using Dentrix Ascend Online Payments today to give patients the options they need to pay 24/7.

See how Dentrix Ascend Pay can streamline your payment workflow to boost your practice’s profitability.

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