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Cloud-Based Dental Imaging Solution

With Dentrix Ascend Imaging, you can skip the maintenance and time of a dental imaging server by having images automatically upload to the cloud as they are acquired. Upgrades and backups are also automatic. Dentrix Ascend Imaging is a comprehensive cloud solution that supports intraoral and extraoral X-ray imaging, 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) volumes, CAD/CAM scans, photographic images, and many other image types. You can view images from any device you use to access Dentrix Ascend. This comprehensive cloud solution makes taking, accessing and using diagnostic images easy so you can focus on patient care.

Enjoy a Seamless Workflow

With a few mouse clicks in Dentrix Ascend Imaging, you can acquire an image and save it in the cloud with minimal upload time. You can switch dental imaging devices and reposition your patient at any point during the exam without disrupting your workflow. Once you’ve captured X-ray images or 3D CBCT volumes, they are stored in the cloud and easily accessible from Dentrix Ascend. There’s no need to open a separate application or work from a specific workstation to view your images.

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Shorten Your Billing Process

ADA codes automatically populate in the patient’s chart, attach to the acquired image and appear in the Dentrix Ascend Ledger. The ADA codes help in selecting and attaching the needed images to eClaims for submission to the patient’s insurance.

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Rely on High-quality Images

When an image is acquired, the original is stored in the cloud with no loss of quality. Whatever office a patient visits in a multilocation organization, these full-size images — even 3D volumes — are then easily accessible to all providers. Annotation and density reading tools help make a robust dental imaging process full service by letting you add information or mark areas on an image or volume.

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3D Dental Imaging

With Dentrix Ascend Imaging, you can capture CBCT volumes and view them from anywhere you use Dentrix Ascend. You initiate CBCT imaging technology directly from your Dentrix Ascend Imaging workflow, just like you do for dental X-rays. Dentrix Ascend interfaces to your selected CBCT device using the device vendor’s software and uploads volumes to the cloud. Dentrix Ascend gives you robust tools to view and manipulate the volume from any device where you access your Dentrix Ascend software. CBCT volumes also can be exported directly to online tools that let you plan treatment and order guides, appliances and more.

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Strengthen Collaboration

With Dentrix Ascend Imaging, collaboration is simple and effective. Because images can be viewed remotely or at any of your practice locations, you can easily consult with other dentists and specialists to make treatment decisions and recommendations with confidence.

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Access Images in Real-time

You can access intraoral and extraoral X-ray images, 3D CBCT volumes, CAD/CAM scans, photographic images, and other dental images as soon as they are acquired via a Windows, MacOS, or iOS computer. You’re not limited by what imaging devices you use, either. Dentrix Ascend Imaging supports most devices directly and also secondarily via standard interfaces such as TWAIN or automated import, allowing all to be connected to the cloud. Nearly every 2D intraoral and extraoral X-ray or color imaging device is directly integrated. Direct connections are available for leading CBCT devices, with DICOM imports available for all others. Select CAD/CAM devices are also directly integrated and automated import (STL/PLY) is supported for all others.

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