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Practice Management

Meet Business Goals With Powerful Cloud-Based Software Tools and Features

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Dental Practice Management Cloud Software

To efficiently examine a patient, you need the right tools for the job. The same principle applies to efficiently managing your dental practice. The right cloud based dental software makes all the difference. Providing your team with the tools to effectively run the business side of your dental practice not only makes your practice more efficient, it helps you achieve your financial goals. The advanced business features in Dentrix Ascend enable efficient day-to-day practice management, leading to a more productive and profitable practice.


Streamline Billing and Payments

Give patients a simple process to pay without calling your office. For touchless, paperless and the least expensive way to send patient billing statements, Dentrix Ascend includes eStatements. Dentrix Ascend Online Payments enhances the functionality of eStatements by including a payment link in each digital statement — which you can access with Dentrix Ascend Pay.

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Start Each Day on Task

When you log in, the Practice Overview displays the day’s customized to-do list and the current status of each task.


Easily Track Insurance Plans

Insurance Manager effortlessly tracks each patient’s current insurance eligibility, archives expired plans, and manages up to 10 insurance plans per patient.

Add More Offices as Needed

Add an unlimited number of physical office locations as your practice grows, and instantly share patient records, accounts and business reports across locations.

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Streamline Patient Check-in

The Patient Overview in Dentrix Ascend displays everything you need to know about each patient on one well-organized screen, speeding up patient check-in. With dental office management software, you can get more detailed information in one click.


Speed Up Checkout

Keep patient accounts current with Ledger and reduce checkout times. Quickly sort through your ledger history, answer questions and print walkout statements.


Monitor Your Business Metrics

Create customized management reports to automatically gather the key performance indicators you need to watch to improve your practice.

Location Access Restrictions

Dentrix Ascend’s Location Access Restrictions feature lets you control which roles and personnel can log in to Dentrix Ascend off-site. Permissions are easy to set up for specific individuals or for groups of people in different roles.

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