Dentrix Ascend Detect AI

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI

AI-enabled X-ray analysis tool that provides real-time clinical decision support

A Higher Level of Patient Care Using AI Technology

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide automated x-ray scans and AI-enabled detections. Using the VideaHealth technology, which is fully integrated into the Dentrix Ascend imaging workflow, helps dentists confirm patient conditions faster, saving time while supporting optimal patient care.


Easy to See, Show, and Execute

Easy-to-see highlighted AI X-ray annotations help clinical staff to confirm caries faster, and easily call out and share diagnoses and treatment plans with patients. This capability allows staff to focus on and improve patient care.


Fully Integrated with Dentrix Ascend

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI is an integrated part of Dentrix Ascend that fits seamlessly into your familiar imaging workflows. Unlike other single-purpose AI solutions, Dentrix Ascend Detect AI users do not have to navigate separate environments or constantly switch between applications to see AI findings. With Dentrix Ascend Detect AI, doctors see identifications automatically flagged in their Dentrix Ascend patient images.

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A New Era in Patient Care

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI helps doctors make early, accurate diagnoses that make great patient care possible. With objective AI x-ray analysis at their fingertips, clinicians can make informed decisions that go beyond the limitations of their own experience.

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Build Trust and Boost Case Acceptance

A missed cavity is a missed opportunity to provide preventative care and boost production — and with the technology used inside Dentrix Ascend Detect AI, dentists miss, on average, 43% fewer caries and have 15% fewer false positives. More reliable results give dentists the ability to create more effective treatment plans, build trust in patients and boost overall patient care.


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