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Streamline Processes and Increase Front Office Efficiency

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Front Desk Software

Your front desk is key to the success of your dental practice. Each patient visit starts and ends at the front office. The more efficient your front office team, the better patient experience your practice can provide. The right cloud-based dental software makes the difference between order vs. confusion, on time vs. delayed, and simple vs. complicated. Dentrix Ascend automates everyday tasks such as scheduling, insurance management and collections, enabling your dental front office to focus on patient satisfaction and practice profitability.


Stay in Touch with Two-Way Text Messaging

Two-way text messaging improves communication with your patients. Receive their complete text messages in Dentrix Ascend, and send replies or initiate new messages—all using your dedicated 10-digit phone number. Accessing messages is simple with locations throughout Ascend. With two-way text messing, your “virtual waiting room” is better equipped than ever.


Easily Schedule and Confirm Appointments

View the entire day’s appointments, schedule operatories and providers, enter treatment plans and confirm appointments with just a few clicks in the Appointment Book.

Let Them Book It

With Online Booking, new and existing patients can conveniently book their appointments online and in real time—even when your office is closed. Online Booking also automatically reminds patients when it’s time to schedule continuing care.

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Increase Visibility and Access

Patient Forms helps to ensure that important patient forms are completed and part of the patient record. Now you can see dental health and medical records anywhere — with 24/7 access from any device.

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Manage eClaims and Patient Portions to Get Paid Faster

With Ascend, your front office can digitally submit and track insurance claims, and optimize collections—so your practice gets paid as fast as possible. Plus, collect accurate patient portions at time of service regardless of dental plan types, using auto-calculated coordination of benefits, accurate sliding fees, and customizable fixed copays for HMOs and other fixed copay plans.


Streamline Patient Check-in and Checkout

The Patient Profile helps your front desk shorten patient check-in and checkout times. Patient dental records, account status and other important information all appear on one screen, enabling faster check-in. Online Booking allows patients to book re-care appointments online, at their convenience, instead of at checkout time.


Patient Routing

The Patient Router helps the office run more smoothly. It shows you the status of each patient in the office, and helps to move patients efficiently through their visit. You can access the Patient Router from any screen, regardless of where you are in the system.

Better Recare, Increased Productivity, Starting Now

Dentrix Ascend improves the exit workflow process, empowering you to create the effective recare program you need to drive restorative work. Retain your patients, improve their health and increase your bottom line by establishing a consistent process for patients completing their appointments.

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