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How much will Dentrix Ascend Detect AI help your practice profitability?


Dentrix Ascend Detect AI powered by VideaHealth brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to patient x-ray image analysis and allows dentists to utilize AI caries detection assistance directly in their Dentrix Ascend practice management, improving patient care and improving their practice profitability. In the FDA trial, the number of missed caries was 43% lower for dentists using Videa's AI. Notably, the dentists using Videa's AI also experienced a 15% average reduction in erroneous detections of caries lesions.

Use this simple calculator to see for yourself the potential effects of using Dentrix Ascend Detect AI may have on your caries detections and bottom line, along with your potential return on investment and how quickly this detection tool can pay for itself!

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI Profitability Calculator
Per Month Per Year
Cost of Dentrix Ascend Detect AI $499.00 $5,988.00
Current # of Restorations Completed 504
Average Revenue Per Restoration
Revenue $13,650.00 $163,800.00
Increases from AI Enhanced Detection Assistance
Per Month Per Year
Increased Detection Percentage
Additional # of Caries Per 13 156
Average Case Acceptance Rate
Increased # of Caries Corrected 4 53
Additional Gross Revenue Per $4,225.00 $50,700.00
Return on Investment 1,058.90%
Detect AI Payback Period / Month 1.13
* Results are not guaranteed and may vary by practice.