Dental Practice Management - Custom Reports

Dentrix Ascend incorporates practice management capabilities, clinical tools and other user-friendly features into our software. One feature we offer for free that most dental software companies don’t is custom reporting.

The ability to create and customize your reports delivers numerous benefits:

Another added perk is that our custom reporting feature doesn’t cost you anything extra. Other dental practice management software products require you to buy custom features separately.

Now that you know the benefits of our custom reports feature, let’s walk you through how to create one.

First, click the Home button and select the Custom Reports option. From the home’s custom reports screen, you’re able to view a drop-down list of reports. That list is divided into My Reports and Common Reports, with various options listed below the latter.

Once you’ve selected which report you want to create, you’re taken to a new screen that’s divided into three sections: the available fields panel on the left-hand side, the layout panel in the middle and the canvas on the right-hand side. The available fields you can choose from include entry date, first visit date, insurance, location and more, all of which correspond with data from your practice. The layout panel is where you set up the rows, columns and measures of your report. The canvas is where you actually see your report as you build it.

To customize your report to show the fields and data you want, drag and drop any available field to the layout panel under rows or columns where it says Drop Level Here. As soon as you drag and drop, your report immediately shows the breakdown of that information.

If you want to remove a row or column, click the drop-down arrow in the layout panel and click Remove from Report. If there’s an item you wish to omit from your report after adding it, right-click the item then click Exclude.

You can also filter data by specific providers, years, etc. Add a new filter by dragging and dropping an available field from the fields panel to the filters panel. When you click to show the different filter options you’ve selected, an X and a pencil icon appear next to each filter. Clicking the X deletes the filter, while clicking the pencil lets you edit it.

Once you’ve customized your report to show the data you need, click Save, type in a name for the report and then choose whether you want it available for your eyes only or for everyone in your practice to see.

We provide a reporting overview to help you understand how to effectively use our custom reports feature. You can also click here to watch a step-by-step video that shows you how to create and customize a report.

Our support team is also available to answer any of your questions. Feel free to chat with a team member from right inside the software or give them a call.

Reporting is an essential component to making the changes necessary to keep your dental practice running like a well-oiled, profitable machine. We know the importance of practice reports, which is why we made sure you have the ability to completely customize your reports to capture, display and share the data that matters.