How to Use Document Manager

We want your experience with Dentrix Ascend to be as stress-free as the use of cloud-based dental management software makes running your dental practice. So to make sure you fully understand our features, in this post we’re going to cover how to upload content to a patient’s document manager.

The Document Manager feature allows you to upload needed documents and images from your computer to a patient’s record in Dentrix Ascend.

To view a patient’s document manager, click on the patient tab and then click Document Manager, which is listed under the general section. From this page, you’re able to upload, edit, export and delete documents and images.

To upload a document, click Upload. An Upload Files dialog box will appear on your screen, which gives you a couple of options for uploading a document:

  1. Drag and drop a document to the window.
  2. Browse your computer for the document file.

If you choose the drag-and-drop method, drag the document file from its location on your computer and drop it into the rectangular box on your screen that reads “Drop file here.”

For the browse option, click the Browse button on the upload files dialog box and then locate the document file on your computer. After you find the file, click it and then click the Open button.

Once the document file is uploaded to the software via either method, click the add tag, type the category you want the file stored in—a drop-down list should appear as you start typing the category name, from which you can select the category name or finish typing it out yourself—and then click Done.

The files should now appear in the patient’s document manager.

To view each step of the process described above, click here for our Uploading Content to the Document Manager video.