Automating Front Desk Tasks

Your front desk has a plethora of tasks that must be done daily to keep your practice organized and running smoothly. From scheduling to insurance and everything in between, your receptionist has a lot to manage while also providing great customer service. Now you can automate your front-desk tasks and give your people time to concentrate on what matters: your patients. The tools that can help you do this? NUI and TAMI.

NUI, or Natural User Interface

NUI was developed with dental employees and patients in mind. When your employees spend less time trying to understand the software, they can spend more time interacting with patients. NUI simplifies every task and extends throughout our software, effortlessly guiding every user through the system. It’s easier than ever to complete daily job duties, such as scheduling, check-ins and billing.

Our Scheduling Manager has easy-to-choose appointment options based on your dentist’s time preferences. Instead of having to choose time slots and manage the whole day, you can drag and drop a prebuilt appointment to make scheduling faster and more efficient.

With our Patient Overview section, it's easy to check-in new and returning patients. With one click, you can access everything you need to know about each patient or create a new patient profile. NUI streamlines patient check-ins by organizing every patient's information. The overview shows you a patient’s previous and current appointments, treatment plans, insurance, recare needs and personal ledger. It's easy to answer patient questions when all their information is just a click away.

TAMI, or Task Automation Management Intelligence

The best part about TAMI is its ability to remove repetitive tasks from your receptionist’s schedule. When you can automate daily repetitive tasks, such as sending patient appointment reminders, it is much easier for your team to focus on patient care and practice upkeep. Automating your front desk makes for a better-run practice overall.

Our favorite automated task option is the patient reminder system that automatically sends emails or texts to remind your patients of appointment dates and times. Patients can choose how many reminders they’d like and their preferred method of communication. If they need to reschedule an appointment, it’s easy to do with the email or text right in front of them. And if they miss an appointment, they’ll also receive an email or text letting them know about that.

Our TAMI system is opening up communication between patients and administrative teams. When patients feel like it’s easy to call and communicate, you will likely have a more robust schedule with fewer missed appointments. Automation options like our patient reminders make your front desk run smoother by taking repetitive tasks off your receptionist’s daily to-do list.

With our user-friendly NUI and TAMI features, it’s easy to see how our software is changing front-desk responsibilities for the better. Your software should be a natural extension of your practice’s abilities, just like the care you give every day.