Increase Productivity with these Technology Productivity Tools

Every dental practice wants to increase productivity in daily operations. With the rapid evolution of technology, new productivity tools become available almost every month.

Below are three ways to use technology to improve your practice’s productivity.

Go Paperless

Dental software adds efficiency daily tasks—from scheduling and charting to billing and collections. With one click you can see the schedule for each practitioner and operatory. Patient health histories and charts can be located in an instant. Creating and sending statements can be done digitally, eliminating the need to stuff and stamp envelopes.

Automating common tasks such as appointment reminders, billing and insurance tracking gives your team more time to be productive in other areas of your practice.

Going paperless also minimizes the clutter in your office. No more wasting time wading through stacks of insurance claims or searching through overstuffed shelves of patient folders.

The practice management software you use can make a big difference in your practice productivity. When you go paperless, choose software that allows you to:

Communicate More Effectively

Most dental software includes instant messaging to communicate with your team. This reduces or eliminates time spent tracking down someone to answer a question.

Note-taking features in dental software save you time creating and finding your clinical notes. They also eliminate errors caused by poor handwriting.

Attend Training and Industry Events

To keep up with changes in technology, you can attend training and industry events. Or, use online tutorials and how-to videos to stay up-to-date on the latest advances in dentistry.

Continual learning is the best way to keep your team—and your practice—as productive as possible.