Starting Your Dental Practice with Cloud Software

Shopping for software can be one of the most stressful elements of your new-practice journey. You should ask a variety of questions before committing to any type of software purchase. As a critical part of your daily operational tasks, dental practice management software should fit your practice’s needs and budget.

To begin understanding what you need from practice software, you’ll want to ask software companies the following questions:

By asking these questions, and a few follow-ups, you can begin to learn what software will work the best for your practice's needs. Every dental practice is different, so you should explore multiple options before making your final decision. While there are a variety of software options, there are just two main styles of software systems most practice owners use—client-server and cloud-based software.

What Is Client-Server Software?

Client-server software shares information from a server, through a network, to a client. You must be connected to the Internet with a LAN or WAN connection to access the network and the server. With client-server software, you are responsible for storing your own data on an onsite server. This server is linked to your LAN or WAN network and is accessed on computers that are also connected.

What Is Cloud-Based Software?

Cloud-based software also shares information from a server, through a network and to a client. While the connection style is the same, the server is not located with you. A third party stores a server that can be accessed via the Internet on any device with the correct logins. Cloud-based software does not require any type of LAN or WAN network because it can be remotely accessed from any device with an Internet connection.

Which Should You Choose?

While software needs differ based on each individual practice, the clear winner for many new practices is the cloud. Because of its remote storage and constant accessibility, the cloud is a more modern and user-friendly technology.

A remote server leaves IT and updating to the experts and includes maintenance and troubleshooting in its monthly cost. Cloud-based software also grows with your practice; as you expand, your storage can too, for a reasonable price (not another expensive server).

Dental practice management software makes clinical, front-office and business management tasks easy. For the most cost-effective, customized and simple software, you’ll want to choose the cloud.

What Is Dentrix Ascend?

Dentrix Ascend provides cloud-based practice management software that is known for its simplicity and accessibility. Dentrix Ascend is the leading cloud-based software for dental professionals because it was built with your practice needs in mind. With specific medical, front-office and administrative tools, Dentrix Ascend is setting new standards for cloud-based software.

The software hunt can be overwhelming when you discover the multitude of options available. But it doesn’t need to be when you remember all the benefits cloud-based dental software can offer you with its ease, availability and customization.

For more information about Dentrix Ascend as a dental practice management software option, browse our white papers. You’ll soon learn how our cloud is taking dental software to new heights.