Access Your Dental Practice From Anywhere with Cloud-Based Software

One of the cloud’s best features is its accessibility. With constant connectivity, the cloud helps keep your practice consistent with scheduling, patient records, payments and insurance billing. Consistency and easy connection also allow your practice to promote collaboration between locations, coworkers and even other dentists. Cloud-based dental software lets you access your practice anywhere and at any time, opening up some great opportunities for organization and teamwork.


Offsite data centers maintain cloud-based software, making your online practice systems and information available for access on any device that has an Internet connection, and to authorized staff members with correct logins and passwords. You are linked to your schedule, your patient records, patient insurance information and general practice notes whenever you need them, regardless of the time of day or location. Cloud-based dental practice management software’s continuous connection makes running your practice less stressful. It allows your practice to function without interruption, meeting the needs of your patients and staff from any location, at any time.


Because of the cloud's constant connection, there is consistency with your software. You can update patient records, make appointments or bill insurances in the same format, whether you’re signing in from the office or from your mobile device while on the go. Instead of having to combine patient records from various locations with faxes or emails, you can access a patient file from one of your offices or wherever you might be and make real-time edits that will instantly show up on the file when it’s accessed from anywhere else.

Your appointments are easier than ever to manage with a consistent scheduling style—no more sticky note add-ins or forgotten walk-ins. The cloud also sends appointment reminders to let patients know when their appointment is coming up, which helps cut down on missed procedures and increases effective communication between your practice and your patients.

Billing insurance has never been easier, either. Dentrix Ascend can store up to 10 insurance plans per patient. This means that as patients switch jobs, gain coverage or change deductibles, their information will be saved and catalogued. Because the system can record all this information, it is also easier to find which procedures, check-ups and appointments your patients are eligible for through their insurance. The cloud is making all aspects of dental practice work more accessible and easier to understand, especially payments and billing information.


Connection and consistency with software can lead to increased collaboration between practices, co-workers and other dentists. The cloud’s connection opens up communication and sharing (within the law) of information between multiple users.

Multiple locations can actively share patient records based on where the patient will be going for their next appointment. Collaboration between offices leads to a smoother customer experience and a more organized practice, regardless of the setting. A dentist who is shadowing or training can look over patient files to understand why procedures were done or notes were made. Likewise, dentists can collaborate between practices to share knowledge, skills and even patients. Collaboration helps people work better together, get tasks done more efficiently and achieve team goals.

Cloud-based dental software creates a multitude of new ways for your practice to stay connected, consistent and collaborative. Practices of any size can benefit from instant access and continuous connection, especially those with traveling doctors or multiple office locations. Consistency during appointments allows for better record-keeping and less stress for patients who visit multiple locations or schedule on short notice. Lastly, cloud-based software facilitates collaboration inside your office and with other practices. Continual education and sharing through collaboration helps your practice’s reputation and abilities grow. Access your practice anytime, anywhere, with the cloud.