Dental Charts and Imaging Enhanced By the Cloud

When you compare cloud-based dental management to traditional on-premise systems, cloud systems rise above the rest.

Cloud-based dental systems are easier to use and more efficient than on-premise systems. Because IT tasks are minimal, you and your team spend more time on dentistry and less on computer maintenance.

More importantly, clinical tools such as charting and imaging are faster and easier to use with cloud-based dental software. That translates into more efficiency and higher productivity for your practice.

In addition, cloud dentistry systems provide greater mobility. If your practice has multiple locations, you can access your patient records, schedule and access data from any office. You can even access Dentrix Ascend from home or a CE class, or a professional meeting, providing around-the-clock availability. Something on-premise systems can’t do.

Better charting, imaging, patient communication and mobility are just four of the many advantages cloud-based practice management brings to your dental practice. Let’s take a closer look at these four features.


Cloud-based charting provides a clean and organized experience, designed to improve your productivity. The pages are clutter-free and simple, allowing you to quickly find the information you need. Images, appointment history, treatment plans and progress notes are easily accessible from the patient chart. You can also customize the chart for your practice.


With the right cloud-based imaging solution, you can quickly capture and store original images in the cloud. This simplifies daily procedures, such as attaching images to insurance claims, and saves you 20 to 30 minutes each day.


Cloud-based dental software is available at any time from any device. You can access your patient files when you need to, even when you’re away from the office. it. If a patient calls with a question or concern, you can immediately access their record to see charts, images and medical history. Multi-site practices can see the same information from any office location. Cloud-based software also allows you to monitor your practice from outside the office. You can check your schedule, find openings and keep up-to-date on daily tasks.

Data Protection

An important part of patient charting is to enter patient information as soon as possible so all clinical notes are as accurate as possible. Cloud-based systems provide authorized access any time, anywhere so your charting doesn't back up into next week. Authorized access lets you dictate who gets to chart from home, or who can only log-in at work. Any changes to your data are backed up instantly, so your information is always up-to-date in the cloud. Cloud-based systems protect your practice from data loss due to natural disaster, power outage and human error.

If your practice is going to go paperless, skip the on-premise systems and go directly to the cloud for greater efficiency, availability and functionality.