How to Engage Millennial Patients with the Cloud

The millennial generation has grown up in a technology-obsessed world. This obsession has changed the way people make daily decisions. From which websites they frequent to which dental practices they visit, millennials focus on who best relates to them. Cloud-based technology helps you bridge the gap, and provides your patients and younger employees with software they can understand and use.

Tech-Savvy Perception

There’s nothing worse for a millennial than arriving at a doctor’s office that still uses paper files and requires them to take the time to write out all their personal information. Perception is key to the millennial patient experience. People who grew up with technology expect other people to be as technologically savvy as they are. Meaning, there is bound to be more trust and a better perception (and experience) if you are able to use the most up-to-date technology. A millennial will not be impressed with a fat manila folder of their information, but they will be impressed if they can enter or edit their personal information on an iPad in your waiting room.

Instantaneous Results

Similar to perception, timeliness and simplicity are keys for millennial patients. Realize that in a technologically evolving world the word ‘timely’ means almost instantaneous for millennials. Taking a week to call them back about an appointment or waiting two hours to see a dentist doesn’t fit into this description.

Were you able to schedule them, meet with them and bill them in a timely fashion? And was the process simple? Don’t make them fill out a ton of forms before their appointment—simplify the process.

Useful Automation

A great feature of cloud-based software is the opportunity to utilize automation for a variety of reasons. Automation not only makes your workday more productive, but it provides your millennial patients with personalized care. Sending them an automated appointment reminder in the form of a text message is so much easier than having to play phone tag during their busy day. Also, automated insurance billing and invoices help cut down on the complexity of the appointment and ensures that the new generation of online bankers pay you on time and through the right channels.

Your Employees

While the patient is always the primary focus, your employees’ needs are important, too. Your millennial employees will love the switch to cloud-based software. Growing up with technology has changed the way these employees interact and succeed in the workplace. Providing them with software that aligns with the way they work naturally leads to increased productivity and a healthier work environment.

Cloud-based software helps bring your dental practice into the 21st century. The days of paper scheduling and mail billing are behind us. The newest cloud-based technology not only makes your practice more productive, it engages a very important generation of millennial patients. The patient experience is what sets your practice apart from the others. Don’t lag behind. Set your practice up with cloud-based dental practice management software today.