Cost Benefits of Using Web-Based Software

When you’re on the hunt for dental practice management software, the first question you’ll most likely ask is, “How much is this going to cost me?” In order to be a profitable practice, you have to bring in more dollars than you spend, so anytime you need to buy equipment, money matters.

Some dentists still use client-based systems that rely on local, in-office servers to store data. But more dentists are moving to web-based software, which is accessed through the Internet and relies on offsite servers. Web-based software offers a number of benefits, from more productive staff and better communication between employees to greater data security and the words every dentist wants to hear—cost benefits.

Lower Upfront Costs

Rather than shelling out a lot of money up front to purchase the system, web-based software has subscription pricing. Even though you pay a small monthly fee, you receive more bang for your buck. This software includes data storage, automatic backups and updates, and technical support at no extra charge. With the traditional client-server model, these are additional expenses above and beyond the initial purchase price.

Avoid Installation Fees and New Hardware Costs

The devices you use every day—Macs, PCs, tablets and smartphones—are all you need. As long as these devices have an Internet connection, no extra installation is required. There’s no need to buy all new devices because web-based software works with the devices you and your staff already have and know how to use.

Lower Management and Maintenance Costs

Having an onsite IT team or calling your IT provider to come and fix your server every time it goes down is expensive. Cloud-based software doesn’t require onsite technical support. Most of the software’s maintenance, backup and upgrade processes are automatic, so you pay nothing extra.

Eliminate Downtime and the Cost of Updates

As mentioned above, backups and updates are done automatically so there’s no downtime. That means you don’t lose the hours or profits you normally would if you had to manually perform those tasks with client-server software.

Get Online Training

Training for cloud-based software is done online through videos and tutorials that your team can use at their own pace. This saves you in-person, face-to-face training costs and time spent not working.

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