Why Cloud-Based Payment is the Future

Contactless Payment Options: Not Just Trendy

Currently, one of your most pressing issues is assuring your patients that their safety is your top priority. Contactless payment supports physical distancing measures that help your patients and staff stay safe during COVID-19. Dental practices with cloud-based payment systems that provide contactless payment methods help patients feel safe, improve your team’s efficiency and bring revenue to the practice sooner.

Trend Toward Ease and Productivity

While safety provided by contactless payments is a huge benefit of contactless payment systems, the market was moving this way even before the pandemic began. The driving forces behind this trend have been the efficiencies, convenience and revenue enhancements offered by contactless payments. More and more patients have been switching to forms of contactless payment, such as contactless-enabled cards or mobile wallets (also known as digital wallets or eWallets).

Move to Contactless Payment Advanced by COVID-19

COVID-19 is accelerating the ongoing market trend toward contactless payment systems. The switch from manual payment processing to the convenience of contactless payment methods has only been heightened by the pandemic. According to an FIS Performance Against Customer Expectations 2020 survey,* “16 percent of respondents are using cash and checks less often, and 31 percent plan to use contactless payments or mobile wallets instead of cash in the aftermath of COVID-19.” To stay competitive, dental practices must realize that cash and check payments are headed for extinction and make the switch to contactless payment processing solutions.

Keep Your Practice Current

Here are some tips and tricks to stay on top of payment solution trends.

Efficiency Pays Off

A contactless payment system that automates the administrative tasks of processing payments enhances the efficiency of your practice. For every minute one of your team members spends keying in payment information, your practice loses a minute of valuable productivity. Not only does manually entering payment information cost your practice time, it increases the risk of double entry or errors —which makes your practice look unprofessional and costs you even more time and money.

A cloud-based, automated payment system reduces errors, saves you money, helps maintain the reputation of your practice and gives your staff more time to spend with patients. More time spent with patients leads to greater patient satisfaction and potential growth from recommendations.

Convenience Counts

As more and more businesses are switching to contactless payments, more and more customers are coming to expect the efficiency and ease of online, immediate, 24/7 payment options. Cloud-based payment systems allow your patients to pay their bills whenever it is convenient for them, making the entire billing process easier for your patients and your practice. Plus, convenience helps your practice retain patients and maintain profit margins.

Secure Your Bottom Line

The security of payment (contactless or not) and personal data is vital to both you and your patients. Data breaches and fraud result in financial losses and reputation loss for your practice. Moving to cloud-based payment systems helps defend you against fraudulent behavior and safeguards your patients from fraud. Payment systems with EMV technology have helped to significantly reduce fraud and increase data security. Plus, payment solutions with even more advanced security features offer deeper levels of protection against fraud — all of which help secure your revenue.

Take Your Practice Into the Future

Don’t get left behind: propel your practice forward with a cloud-based payment solution.

Dentrix Ascend offers a cloud-based payment solution from Henry Schein One that has all the features and benefits that enable your practice to move beyond manual payment processing and address the needs of the next level of contactless patient payments.

Dentrix Ascend Pay is an integrated payment solution that accepts and efficiently processes all payment types such as EMV chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, smartphone apps (such as Apple Pay or Google Pay), eWallets, and HSA and FSA cards — giving patients the flexibility they want and allowing you to be paid at the time of service. Besides providing contactless transactions, this solution expedites the checkout process. Payments automatically post to the Dentrix Ascend Ledger and the patient’s account, eliminating both double entry and potential errors while saving your practice time and money.

In addition to these benefits, Dentrix Ascend Pay is powered by Worldpay from FIS, a leader in the payment processing industry. Worldpay provides technology and streamlined access to a comprehensive suite of payment capabilities across the world. The Worldpay platform includes technology that provides a deeper level of protection against fraud, plus new features can be added without interrupting your practice. Worldpay offers competitive transaction rates and no setup fees. Even better, the cloud-based Worldpay technology is included in Dentrix Ascend — with no additional cost, no additional software to buy, no setup fees and no registration fees. Hardware for credit card payment processing is sold separately.

Learn more about how Dentrix Ascend Pay can make your practice safer, more efficient, more convenient and more secure. Request a demo or talk to a rep today.

Limited-Time Promotion

For a limited time, you can get a $600 credit on your Henry Schein One account and one free payment device from Worldpay when you activate Dentrix Ascend Pay with a new Worldpay Merchant ID. The payment device requires a three-year contract. This promo expires on December 31, 2020.