3 Keys for Group Practices to Drive Better Outcomes

Did you know that dental employment fell nationwide by 56% from February to April in 2020? And the COVID-19 limitations still in effect are hindering a return to normal levels of business. One dental practice in California reports that they are seeing “two-thirds of [their] normal capacity.”*

Group dental practices are playing catch-up on lost revenue because of COVID-19 — while also trying to adapt to a new normal. Making 2020 a productive year is a big challenge. Here are three ways your organization can drive better outcomes and improve profitability.

1. Take a more strategic approach to data management.

The quality and accessibility of data used to run your dental organization can make or break you. Traditionally, dental technology has been a distributed data model, meaning each location maintains its own data separately. But growing dental practices need shared data solutions that will scale with the business as it grows over time. As the organization continues to grow, the tools necessary will already be there to help you make data-driven, informed decisions.

2. Optimize technology in your practice’s workflows and processes.

Technology, and the data it processes, touches everything in a dental practice. The right practice management software is critical for success. Data needs to flow seamlessly between the different departments in your group practice—and out to your patients as needed. Leverage a solution that supports integrated workflows at all levels of your organization.

3. Anytime, anywhere access to all your data.

Cloud-based systems can provide anytime, anywhere access to all your data, and can manage access for all your team by using role-based permissions. This helps you maintain control of your data while improving efficiency and increasing profitability. The right cloud-based system provides centralized data with numerous advantages: one sharable record for each patient, standardized operations, streamlined workflows, and custom and scalable reporting. All of this helps drive better outcomes.

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