The Move to Digital Real-Time Billing and Payments

Sending out paper billing statements and expecting patients to mail back paper checks is old-fashioned, out of touch, and for a growing number of people, unacceptable. Real-time billing and payment options are no longer just “nice to haves” for modern dental practices. The positive impact of offering your patients real-time digital payment options is even greater than it was just a couple of years ago.

The Move

The world has been moving steadily toward faster and more convenient forms of digital payments. But the COVID-19 pandemic created a sudden, seismic shift in payment preferences that no one could have predicted. Nearly one in three consumers say COVID has caused them to fundamentally change their primary method for making payments. And 37% of consumers say they’ve increased their use of instant peer-to-peer payment services like Venmo and PayPal. We now live at a time where people simply expect fast, convenient digital payment options in every area of their lives.

In our mobile, remote world, patients prefer to pay their bills online. Not having an electronic billing option for your patients may have them looking for a dental practice that does. Electronic billing gives your patients the convenience of viewing and paying their bill online. Some dentists report getting paid within minutes of sending an emailed statement notification. Patients enjoy the flexibility of receiving a link to their statement directly to their device and the option to make a payment 24/7 — including nights, weekends and even holidays.

Online, Paperless Billing

With the right preparation and approach, Dentrix Ascend Online Payments can do most of the work for you. Online Payments is already built into your Dentrix Ascend system. That means when you choose to enable it, all its capabilities become a natural extension of the familiar Dentrix Ascend solution your admin team already depends on. Dentrix Ascend Online Payments can be accessed using eStatements or text-based billing email and text-based billing and payment options simply appear in Dentrix Ascend —and flow into the same billing and payment workflows your team already uses. That means you can add modern, real-time digital payment capabilities to your practice quickly and seamlessly—in a way that feels familiar and natural to your team and requires minimal training.

The New Normal for Payment and Billing

Today, your patients simply expect convenient, real-time digital payment options, and your practice will pay a heavy price if you don’t offer them. Fortunately, with your Dentrix Ascend practice management solution and Dentrix Ascend Online Payments, you can provide the modern digital billing and payment experiences your patients want without disrupting your team—and make your practice more efficient and profitable in the process.

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