5 Areas Where Cloud-Based Technology Supports Dental Office Managers


That’s likely an accurate description of daily life in your dental practice and the life of your dental office manager. The good news: cloud-based technology solutions for dental office managers can help tame the busyness.

A day in the “busy” life

Dental office managers carry a load of responsibility. Aside from helping form and guide your practice culture, their routine workflow is essential to practice operations and the patient experience, including:

That scope of responsibility has a variety of layers. And how well it’s managed has much to do with available tools, such as your practice management platform, and how you apply best practices.

Five areas where cloud-based technology supports dental office managers

1. Team morale

The positive vibe felt by a team doesn’t happen by default. The morale stoked by productivity, role and task fulfillment and overall efficiency is the result of an intentional dental office manager.

Schedule awareness

Dental office managers juggle their schedule, the dentist’s schedule, team member schedules and the overall practice schedule. Their awareness helps keep operations running smooth and patients satisfied.

Patient awareness

On a given day, scheduled patients are at different locations in the treatment process. Add to that the unique engagement required for new patients.

Wait times, chair time, treatment consultations, case presentations and checkout procedures require varying levels of attention.

Data awareness

Patient records and treatment documentation, like those below, require accuracy:

Dental office managers using capable cloud-based technology can assist team members with these vital responsibilities and create positive morale in each department.

2. Administrative efficiency

Automation is key here! The more administrative tasks you can automate, the greater your practice efficiency will be.

Digitize your forms

To digitize your forms:

Digitize data input

To digitize data input:

Cloud-based dental practice management solutions support going digital instead of relying on paper-based processes. An equipped dental office manager can streamline practice efficiency with the right tools.

3. Collections and insurance tracking

High collections rates are possible. But it requires that your dental office manager benchmark their tracking systems.

Again, it pays to apply some intentional awareness in this area.

Awareness of claim status

Overview capability can offer a glimpse into all things claims:

Awareness of team financial functions

These are the specific workflows that align with your patient-centric financials:

Awareness of statements sent

Consistent collections rely on a consistent delivery (and follow-up) of statements. To create delivery consistency:

4. Scheduling

More specific to this area is keeping the schedule full. Empty chairs equate to less production and profitability.

Compel patients towards re-care

According to Jill Nesbitt, MBA, “Re-care visits are essential to the health of every dental practice because they make up about 75 percent of restorative work.” To encourage re-care:

Compel patients with convenience

For example, an online patient portal gives patients a convenient option for scheduling, asking questions or keeping their health information updated. An online solution also acknowledges your relevance to how they’re accustomed to accessing services (e.g., ride share, shopping, dining, etc.).

5. Performance measurement

It’s worth repeating: “What’s measured is improved!” And your team will perform at higher levels as your dental office manager engages with them around their goals and performance metrics. To measure performance:

Use these measurements to engage with and train team members. Let the metrics motivate you and them to see the value of their individual roles to overall practice success.

These areas cover the gamut of what’s possible when your dental office manager is equipped with a cloud-based practice management solution.

Go a bit deeper into how a cloud solution can streamline your dental practice and/or DSO’s workflows and overall operations:

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