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Quick Exam

Thorough Dental Exam Documentation on One Screen

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Quick Exam Features

Create a treatment plan from a single screen with accuracy — saving time and money. Dentrix Ascend Quick Exam lets you rapidly document baseline charting for new patients. It also helps make exams faster and easier for patients who haven’t been in for a while.

Examine Faster

Quick Exam delivers a smooth workflow designed for a whole-mouth exam. The touch-friendly interface makes close chairside work easier, and Quick Exam helps you get more done faster, reducing by up to 40% the typical number of clicks needed throughout an exam.

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Help Eliminate Errors

Document new patient exams more accurately by eliminating written notes that have to be added to the patient’s file later, possibly with mistakes, and requiring double the work.

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Improve Efficiency

Quick Exam lets you enter important information directly into the patient’s chart, and you can see your exam progress at any time. Clinical Notes are automatically associated with the tooth or teeth selected.

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Increase Patient Confidence

Quick Exam helps create a more efficient appointment for you and your patients. Thanks to the improved workflow experience, new patients may spend less time in the chair during their initial exam, and the baseline you record can improve overall care.

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Gain Convenience

Following the process of a full mouth exam, Quick Exam lets you easily enter data points one after another. The navigation options from buttons to drop-down menus are intuitive, and patient information is accessible in the cloud.

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