Exit Workflow

Exit Workflow

Benefit from an Improved Exit Workflow

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Improve Recare with Exit Workflow

Dentrix Ascend empowers your team to create the effective recare program your practice needs to drive restorative work by improving the exit workflow process. As patients prepare to leave your office, team members are prompted to gather their contact information, schedule their next recare appointments and collect any payments. Changing the workflow improves the way you work with patients and puts money back in your pocket.

Full Schedule = Happy Team

Get better business outcomes (and happy, productive team members) by strengthening your effective recare program, which then drives restorative work in the practice.

Keep Your Patients

Scheduling recare before patients leave — and verifying their contact information — is a proactive approach to retaining patients rather than trying to reclaim them. Keep your schedule full and save your marketing budget as you focus on the patients you already have.

Be Proactive

Stay in touch with your patients! Keeping their contact information correct streamlines collections and shrinks that costly pile of returned statements.

Have Healthier Patients

Many studies have shown strong links between oral health and overall systemic health. Helping your patients maintain better overall health is a benefit you offer by making it simple to come in regularly.

Better for You, Better for Your Patients

Staying on top of hygiene appointments and handling the key tasks early in the patient care life-cycle saves patients — and your practice — time and money.

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