Online Booking

Online Booking

Offer Patients Scheduling Convenience and Fill Your Schedule

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Online Booking

With Online Booking, your practice can provide busy patients the option to book an appointment 24/7. The average dental practice is open 32 hours a week, limiting when patients can schedule appointments. By offering Online Booking, you increase booking availability to 168 hours — an extra 136 hours for patients to interact with your practice (even while you sleep).

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Automated recare schedules maximize your appointment book by making it faster and easier to re-establish patients who haven’t been in for a long time. New patients can be confident that your practice offers the convenience they need — including for emergencies.

Fill Appointments Your Way

With Online Booking, you benefit from numerous customizable options. You control access to the schedule, types of appointments, operatories used, what providers are available for and existing patients, appointment durations and more. As soon as a patient clicks the “Book Your Appointment Now” button on your website, your schedule is updated in real time.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Your practice can save time, paper and money by reducing the time it takes to book an appointment. In addition, your front desk team will have more time to provide an exceptional experience to patients in the office or on the phone, and also more time to complete other tasks.

Complement Your Patients and Your Practice

Online Booking provides a more efficient appointment-setting process for both your patient and your practice. When a patient makes an appointment, your schedule automatically shows the booking while the intuitive “patient find” capability allows your staff to identify the appointment with a patient on record. If the patient is new, Online Booking lets your staff know what information they need to capture when the new patient walks through the door.

Provide More Flexibility

Online Booking allows you to offer patients not just 24/7 interaction with your practice but also an intuitive online experience. It’s easy to use and easy to fit into any kind of schedule a patient may be juggling.

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