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Digital Dental Patient Forms

Before they even walk through the door, patients can have a great experience with your practice. Patient Forms lets patients conveniently fill out and return their documents on a mobile device before their appointments—including ADA-approved COVID-19 screening questions. No more delays filling out paperwork in the waiting room. Patient Forms also improves your staff’s productivity as patient data is collected automatically online. It removes the drudgery of manually scanning and uploading the data from handwritten forms into your software. Everybody wins: Patients. Staff. Dentists. Owners. Save your office time and money by automating forms and information with Patient Forms, part of your Dentrix Ascend subscription.

Increase Visibility and Access

Patient Forms helps to ensure that important patient forms are completed and part of the patient record. Now you can see dental health and medical records anywhere — with 24/7 access from any device.

Help Reduce Costs

Stop paying staff to type, scan or upload critical information. Patient Forms efficiently collects the information you need, so staff only handles the data one time.

Boost Security

With digital records, you don’t have to worry about paper documents that can be misplaced. Dentrix Ascend stores digital patient records in the cloud, increasing your ability to access your practice data in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Improve Business Operations and Safety

Help to keep your schedule moderated. Send your forms to be done in advance on patients’ choice of device at home. Or let them complete them quickly in your virtual waiting room using your tablet “kiosk” option. With improved options for completing forms, new patients are ready to be seen as soon as they’ve checked in, without sitting in your office for 15 minutes filling out their paperwork.

Benefit from Centralization

For group practices, enjoy the benefits of centralization with a single patient record. You can treat patients at any location without having to redo paperwork or recapture patient data at the new location.

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