Dentrix Ascend Billing and Payments

Dentrix Ascend Billing and Payments

Get Paid Faster With This Complete Payment Solution

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Get Paid Faster With These Complete Payment Solutions

Dentrix Ascend includes eStatements as a standard feature. When you enhance eStatemetns with Apps such as Dentrix Ascend Pay and Dentrix Ascend Online Payments, you make it easier to get paid.

Dentrix Ascend eStatements

Mailing billing statements once a month may be costing you more than you realize. Not only do stuffing time, stationery and postage add up, but it’s a slow and inefficient way to collect. eStatements, a feature of Dentrix Ascend practice management software, allows you to send customized eStatements as often as you like, which keeps patients’ bills top of mind to help improve cash flow. And, using a Worldpay from FIS Merchant ID (MID), allows you to add a secure link so your patients can pay online using Dentrix Ascend Online Payments. Not only is this flexible and convenient for the patient, it gives them 24/7 access to pay anytime, anywhere.


Dentrix Ascend Online Payments

A typical dental office is open 32 hours a week at the same time many of your patients are at work, so you’re missing chances to get paid. Dentrix Ascend Online Payments lets patients pay their bills online 24/7 from a link in each eStatement. All you need is a a WorldPay from FIS MID and you can access this integrated app. Dentrix Ascend Online Payments and eStatements provide a simple way to send notifications to patients so they can view their statements, pay balances and print receipts from home — letting staff focus on patient care in office.


Dentrix Ascend Pay

Dentrix Ascend Pay, powered by Worldpay from FIS, is a cloud-based integrated payment app built for Dentrix Ascend for a completely seamless experience. It lets you accept and efficiently process all contactless and card forms of payment. Payments automatically post to the Dentrix Ascend Ledger and the patient’s account, no matter which office a patient visits. This expedites checkout, eliminates the time and errors of double entry and helps save your practice time and money. And with a Worldpay from FIS merchant ID (MID), you have access to Dentrix Ascend Online Payments through the eStatements feature.


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