What’s New
in Dentrix Ascend

At Henry Schein One, we constantly strive to improve
your dental practice management. Here are a few new
features in this update.

Production Release 355

See Appointment Colors Based on Procedure Type and Provider

Be better prepared for your patients by viewing the color-coded procedure type with just a glance at the schedule. Plus, continue to show providers by color. Select the color-coding scheme that works best for your practice.

View Patients’ Full SMS (text) Replies

Better serve your patients by capturing their full replies to reminder texts. Get the full scoop, not just the basic confirmation codes.

Improve Automated Confirmation Rates

Save time confirming appointments thanks to an expanded library of acceptable responses. More leeway for patient responses means more appointments automatically confirmed and fewer phone calls needed.

Acquire Images without being online

Be prepared should Internet outages hit when you need to take images. Fall back on your locally-installed Dentrix Ascend Imaging app. Acquire the needed image with minimal patient information, and when the Internet comes back, simply sync your offline acquisitions to upload the images to Dentrix Ascend.

Resubmit Electronic Claims

Save the time and hassle of deleting and recreating claims. Edit existing claims to add or remove procedures and then resubmit them. Correct claim errors and resubmit claims without impacting past periods – you can correct mistakes with procedures, subscriber ID and provider, without any change to past production reports.

View Key Patient Health Indicators and Results by Location

Check out the expanded Patient Health History dashboard widget, featuring two key metrics: (1) patients with no caries on consecutive appointments and (2) patients with no future restorative work scheduled. Filter Patient Health History reports by location.

Change Timing of Patient Welcome Messages

Improve the experience of new patients by timing welcome messages to go out right before they receive their first reminder message.

Production Release 353

Update Fee Schedules from a File

Save yourself from manual entry of fee schedules. Import the new codes from a standard .csv file instead.

Easily Designate a Provider as Unavailable for a Day

When providers are unavailable, easily mark them absent (unavailable). Then choose whether or not to move their appointments to the pinboard in a single click, for easier rescheduling.

Track Overall Dental Health of All Patients

Success breeds success. In this case, your success at maintaining patients’ dental health can help you attract new patients. Patients and practices all win as you keep your patients healthy using the first ever system to measure patient dental health outcomes. The Patient Health Report tracks all patients in the practice (without singling out individuals). It tells the practice the percentage of returning patients who have (1) no cavities and (2) no restorative procedures required. The results show practices how well they are doing at helping patients maintain good oral health.

Create Fixed Patient Copayment Coverage Tables for DHMOs

Easily enter the patient copay for your HMO or other fixed patient copay plans – and accurately calculate the insurance supplemental payment as well. Improve the accuracy of your treatment plan estimates and collect the correct amount from patients.

Enhance Coordination of Benefits

Better control coordination of benefits when patients have multiple insurance plans. New settings let you define how secondary benefits are calculated using designations for traditional, maintenance of benefits, or carve out (non-duplications). Use this feature to improve the accuracy of your treatment plan estimates and collect the correct amount from patients.

Production Release 351

Share Clinical Note Templates across Locations

Support standardized processes in your multi-site organization. Send your electronic, clinical note templates to all locations, saving hours of effort to recreate templates manually. Users with permissions can send templates that replace existing templates or create additional versions if older versions are still needed. Get new practices off to a great start by clearing and replacing all templates with those used by your organization.

Online Booking Multi-Slot Display

Fill your chairs more effectively by giving patients flexibility when scheduling online appointments. Rather than just the first available time, toggle on the option that lets patients select the time that is best for them in your schedule block. Appointment lengths are still based on reasons you pre-set.

Billing Provider Primary-Insurance Warning

Avoid insurance billing surprises! Dentrix Ascend alerts you when a patient’s billing provider is not contracted with the patient’s primary insurance plan.

Lab Cases Phase 3 - Lab Case Widget, Warning, and Report

Stay on top of your lab cases! The new GPS dashboard widget reminds you of cases due today and tomorrow. Simply click the widget to view the Lab Cases page containing the key information for actions you need to take. Avoid rescheduling appointments before lab cases are ready. A new pop-up alerts you if you try to schedule before the expected due date. Dive deeper on lab cases using the new Lab Cases – Appointments in Power Reporting.

Daily Huddle Dashboards

Empower your daily huddles with key data. Two new Power Report dashboard reports provide quick access in a single view to (1) New Patients – yesterday, today, and beyond and (2) Production and Collections – yesterday, month-to-date, and forecasts for today the rest of the month.

Production Release 349

Lab Case Tracking Phase 2 – Lab Case Report

Open a single page to easily view and manage all lab cases. Choose all appointments that have outstanding (pending) or received lab cases to review cases sorted by date and lab. Adjust the date range and filter by provider as needed. Simply click to change the status of cases on the list, or click to open the appointment to also update lab case notes.

Resize and Move the Clinical Notes Window

Easily enter comments in the Clinical Note window while viewing an image or any other Chairside Dashboard option. Move and resize the Clinical Notes window to fit your needs, and save time because it remembers your chosen size and position when you reopen Clinical Notes. To reduce losing work, if you have unsaved changes, a warning pops up before you exit the window.

User Rights for Viewing Financials in Power Reporting

Provide only the financial data that individual providers need. Let providers see only their own data—and not that of other providers—in standard reports, and now in Power Reporting, as well

Success Notification Messages Now on the Bottom

Know your actions completed correctly with an immediate success message, now appearing at the bottom center of the screen to avoid obscuring views at the top.

Manage Reports permission in the Report Settings

The setting for Manage Reports (under Reports), now refers to Power Reporting only, not to standard reports.

Exclude Procedures from Sliding Fees Discount

Avoid applying sliding fees discounts to selected procedures that are not eligible for discounts.

Filter on Date range now defaults to today’s date

To save you time, the starting and ending dates for filtering in power report builders both default to the current date.

  • Patient Clinical Report, the type Planned procedures was renamed Treatment planned procedures
  • Provider User Role defaults to Dentist and the provider’s fee schedule is removed if the provider is de-activated.
  • Patient Notes allow clicking in field to edit (with no pencil icon); bell icon appears if message will be an alert.
  • Edit Patient Procedure Zero Amount can give users rights to edit amounts for only procedures entered as $0.
  • Location-specific Practice Profile allows colors, logo, and social media links that are unique to each location.
  • Standard Report Label for Include Organization Summary was changed to Include Summary.

Three-Digit Location Codes for Faster Selection and Reporting Clarity

For multi-site practices, easily identify location-specific info by creating three-digit identifiers for each location. To speed up changing the viewed location, identifiers appear before the practice name in the location selector. Bring greater clarity to walkout and billing statements by having the identifiers added to the end of procedure descriptions.

Production Release 347

Lab Case Tracking Phase 1

Easily track patient lab cases in appointments. Enter the details when lab cases are sent out and received. See a lab case icon on the appointment. Track lab case status at a glance by viewing the shading of the icon.

Image Selection from the Chairside Dashboard

Save time accessing the patient images you need. Locate them in a thumbnail panel on the patient chart and simply click to enlarge the image you need. Do all this while keeping access to all key information on the chart.

Set Default Appointment Lengths

Speed up the time for scheduling most appointments. Set the default time that works best for the majority of appointments at your location and save a step entering most new appointments.

  • Increase default view option for amount of Users and Referrals viewed at a time.
  • Referral source field added to Patient Demographics Form

Remove Procedure Options not Covered by a Carrier

Save time and frustration from presenting procedures not covered by a patient’s insurance. Or be better prepared to have a patient discussion about non-covered procedures. Simply hide procedure codes not covered by the patient’s insurance carrier to avoid accidentally presenting them.

Temporary Adjustments for Provider Dates and Hours

Plan ahead for temporary schedule changes (e.g., vacations, conferences). Easily modify a provider’s available dates and hours for future dates. Results are available immediately to inform anyone who views the provider’s calendar. Alerts notify team members if they attempt to schedule during the time off.

CDT 2020 procedure code updates

Procedure codes for 2020 are automatically updated to help you enjoy fewer claim rejections and speedier reimbursement.

Production Release 345

Workflow Compliance Report

Improve patient retention and your bottom line. Use this report to easily monitor three key patient activities at each appointment: Confirm the patient’s email and phone (for better reminders), Schedule their next appointment (for return commitment), and Collect payment at time of service (for improved payments).

Latest Perio Exam in the Chairside Dashboard

Save time switching between different views to get a patient’s perio results. Easily see latest perio results at a glance as a quick visual overlay of the patient’s Chart.

User Rights for Viewing Financials in Canned Reports

Provide only the financial data that individual providers need to know in canned reports. Let providers see only their own data—and not that of other providers.

Improved Carrier Search

Save time adding new carriers when you search by name or Payer ID. Confirm with confidence that you have the right carrier by seeing the name and Payer ID in the same view. To finish this simplified process, click to select the carrier and fill in remaining information.

Patient Search in Routing Panel

Easily locate information for patients being tracked in the Routing Panel. Use the new search feature to find the patient from among those on today’s schedule for the operatories that you choose.

  • Tooth # and Surface visible during walkout claim creation
  • New User Rights
    • Create Transaction Tags - required to add a new tag for use on payments and adjustments.
  • Imaging
    • Still Pin Camera integration (more support for Intraoral Video Cameras)
  • Retain deleted procedures in the database (don’t include; not user visible) for auditing purposes and API use.