What’s New
in Dentrix Ascend

At Henry Schein One, we constantly strive to improve
your dental practice management. Here are a few new
features in this update.

Production Release 409

Enhanced Help Experience

Gain easy access to the Dentrix Ascend Support team and instructional materials. View a complete table of contents when searching for help articles to easily browse to related content. Search for listings that include all or some resource types: the Dentrix Ascend Academy, Dentrix Ascend Blog posts, Help, and Support articles. New navigation of the Dentrix Academy courses helps you pinpoint what you need—or view the full course.

Clinical Note Tasks Report Additions

Drill down on individual providers with a simple click on their name. Print the report from a new Report button.

Radiographic Bone Level Measurements (RBL) in Detect AI

Help patients see progression of periodontal disease with new indications for RBL on images. Color-coded overlays for each tooth show the RBL measurement in millimeters or percentages. Results can help your patient education efforts to increase acceptance of periodontal treatments.

Production Release 408

Automated Eligibility Enhancements

Save time on insurance eligibility checks. Receive eligibility information for any appointment scheduled within four days—even if it is the same day.

Block Inappropriate Changes to Email as Contact Preference

Don’t set up email as the preferred contact method if the patient doesn’t have an email. Warnings alert when tried and don’t allow you to save email as the preferred method until an email is added.

Day Selections for Recurring Events

Save time entering recurring events when you block time for operatories. Select one or more day of the week—or all seven when creating an event.

Production Release 407

Emails for Patients Who are Dependents

Save time because Dentrix Ascend automatically uses the Primary Contact email for all dependents who are not their own primary contact.

Clinical Tasks Note Report Expansion

Create focused Clinical Tasks Note Reports by selecting date ranges longer than 30 days and selecting multiple locations.

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI Enhancements

Rotate images that have indications, and the indications remain. Stay informed with new status notifications when new images are being processed.

Restore Deleted Imaging Exams or Images

Recover deleted images when they are needed.

Production Release 406

Ledger Report Update

Control which types of information appear on the Ledger Report. Options to include or exclude are the following: Completed procedures, Payments, Adjustments, Claims, Balance Forward, and Balance as of [date].

Production Release 405

Patient’s Ledger Report for Specific Period

Easily respond to patient needs for printouts of procedures completed during specific period of time. Included ADA codes help provide detail need by some recipients.

Insurance Credit Card Bulk Payments

Reduce the effort to process carriers’ bulk credit card payments using Dentrix Ascend Pay. Enter and complete the transaction with minimal clicks. View the results in the Deposit Slip and Integrated Payment reports.

Clinical Note Task Report Extensions

Control your view of clinical note completion by adding a Full Provider Totals summary. Easily change settings with a new Reset button. Add in results for inactive providers to avoid missing any incomplete notes.

Production Release 404

Clinical Note Dictation

Save time and effort of manually typing clinical notes by using the new clinical notes features of the optional Dentrix Ascend Voice. If desired, integrate templates as you complete your dictation.

Day Sheet Enhancement

Visualize data better and group payment types on the printed version of the Day Sheet report by sorting the Location Details section using the Description column.

Production Release 403

Custom Schedule Views

Easily change schedule views using your own defined groupings by location-specific Operatories or organization-wide Users/Providers. Filter providers by specialty during setup to reduce steps.

Day Sheet Enhancement

Visualize data better and group payment types on the printed version of the Day Sheet report by sorting the Location Details section using the Description column.

Production Release 402

CDT 2023 Updates

File claim codes correctly using 22 new codes, 14 revisions and 2 deletions. Enjoy faster reimbursement and fewer rejections.

Deposit Slip Report Enhancements

A new design reflects other standard reports for easier viewing. Fewer clicks are needed are needed when changing settings and running the report again. New Transaction ID and Reference # columns make it easier to match Dentrix Ascend Pay transactions. Voided transactions can appear as needed.

Insurance Exception Icons

Informative icons explain when conflicting exceptions have been blocked or disabled.

Production Release 401

Text Messaging Emojis

Enhance patient text communications by viewing emojis in text messages and sending messages with emojis.

Clinical Note Tasks Report Phase 1

See incomplete clinical note counts for each provider in a Location to help ensure completion for claims submissions and dental licensing regulations.

Merge Insurance Carriers

Simplify elimination of duplicate carrier records and carriers entered in error. Keep the default settings for expected resolution time and printed forms from the preferred record.

Production Release 399-400

Recare Notes

Track essential information you need to follow up on patient recare efforts by adding dated notes to a patient’s record.

Day Sheet Filter by Provider

View your selections of one or more providers by Location.

Imaging Enhancements

Add up to 20 images for a full mouth series. Enlarge intraoral images up to 125% to better view small images. Wait 20-25 seconds less for all images to load when you display all images in a mount/template.

Production Release 397-398

Claim Sorting

Navigate to claims more easily by sorting them based on patient name, amount, or the default, service date.

Patient Seach Shortcut

Easily jump to a patient record by selecting F2 (Windows) or Control-U (Macintosh) to jump to the patient search field.

Multiple Image Measurements

Add as many measurements as needed to an image.

3D Freehand Image Annotations

Quickly record findings on a 3D volumes by using freehand drawing.

Production Release 396

Enhanced Reporting Options

Organizations with multiple locations now have the convenience of viewing reports for one, multiple, or all locations on a single standard report for their Worldpay payments, as well as their Aged Receivables in a new Power Report. The option of “Yesterday” now appears on Provider A/R Totals reports for all users, providing faster report setup.

Insurance Credit Card Processing

Track payments that come in via and insurance payor credit cards. The new designation is available for individual or bulk payments and appears on six of your most-used reports.

Freehand Image Annotations

Quickly record findings on an image by using freehand drawing.

Production Release 395

Composite Images for Insurance Claims

Easily submit image batches for insurance claims—while staying under file size limits. Ascend Imaging does it for you by creating a composite of included images upon request. Tooth numbers and acquisition dates on each image provide additional detail required by some insurance carriers.

Enhance Insurance Exceptions

Generate your most accurate treatment plan estimates by applying more that one exception for a procedure code. Ledger and Treatment Planner pop-ups show how estimates were calculated for procedures with exceptions.

Production Release 394

3D CBCT (Cone-beam Computed Tomography) Imaging

Enhance your standard of care with 3D imaging at no additional charge. When a procedure code for a CBCT volume is selected, Dentrix Ascend automatically opens your CBCT imaging software for the initial acquisition. The resulting 3D volume is then imported into Ascend imaging where it can be viewed anywhere you access your images. A rich set of tools allows you to view, manipulate, and annotate 3D volumes. Because analysis tools are built into Ascend, the CBCT volume can be shared and viewed on any workstation without needing the CBCT vendor’s software.

View Insurance Estimates in Power Reports

Stay on top of primary and secondary insurance estimates with new fields on the Interactive Ledger Report.

Production Release 393

Automated Customer Report Updates

Avoid the time of updating saved power reports when field names change. Updated field names are now automatically applied in your saved templates.

Power Report Enhancements

Stay on top of your new patient experience by viewing the number of new patients that left without an appointment yesterday or month to date. Improve accuracy of your Daily Huddle and Scheduled product reporting with a filter to exclude broken or cancelled appointments. Easily view estimates for all patient ledgers listed in a single report—with estimated primary and secondary insurance estimates, write-offs, and guarantor amounts all included.

Production Release 392

Collection Success Report

Easily view the past 12 month’s success of collecting production revenue across multiple locations.

Orthodontic Treatment Information

Streamline collections for orthodontic procedures by always have the required information. Turn on required entries for key fields, including the new placement date and months remaining field. Automated warnings will then appear before leaving a page when needed information is missing.

Editable Chart Numbers

Change chart numbers as needed to meet your needs.

Production Release 391

Blocking Multiple Operatories

Save time scheduling events that impact multiple operatories (holidays, early closures, lunch breaks, etc.). Block all operatories at once with one simple workflow.

Coverage Exception Workflows

Choose an exception type before the procedure(s) for a smoother workflow. Apply the exception to multiple procedures at once for time savings. You then can specify details such as age, deductible type, and coverage percentage. Exception messages are updated, including age limitation details. Location production calculations now adjust according to your exceptions.

Power Reporting Credit Card Reporting

Worldpay users can now use extending reporting fields in Analysis and Interactive Reports. View credit card transactions from the past week in a new Power Report.

Production Release 390

Pre-Determination Enhancements

Stay on top of predeterminations. When viewing a treatment plan, click to see the status of predeterminations with carrier names and coverage type (primary vs. secondary). Easily view which claims had predeterminations when viewing the insurance claims page.

Power Reporting Features

Easily view all teeth included for each treatment code using a new reporting field. Use new credit card processing fields to see extended transaction information available to Dentrix Ascend Pay users.

Shared Emails Allowed

Use the same email for multiple patients (e.g., all children of a parent). A warning message reminds you when entering a duplicate email, just in case you didn’t plan to re-use it.

Imaging Enhancements

Save steps by recapturing an image while in the Image Viewer. Then choose to replace the old one, or not. Comply more easily with state standards (if required) with date and tooth number(s) now included with each new image—also helpful for some insurance carriers. Straighten images as needed with new rotation tools.

Production Release 388

Pre-Determination Notifications

When scheduling a procedure that requires a predetermination, a pop-up message now allows you to create a missing predetermination on the fly or to schedule the appointment without it. Also, predeterminations are now grayed out when Bill to Insurance is set to Off.

Updated New Feature Request Process

Make your voice heard for improving Dentrix Ascend. The process has been improved for making product suggestions, voting on existing requests, and prioritizing your suggestions inside the software.

Imaging Enhancements

Save time and steps as Dentrix Ascend automatically closes out acquisitions upon completing a planned image or series. Easily place recaptured images in a series to make them easier to locate. Get started faster with settings to always start on your favorite procedure. Click to select any open slot in a series to acquire images in any order. Quickly edit dates when imported images were taken for better comparisons of changes over time.

Production Release 387

Streamline Predetermination Reminders and Submissions

Stay on top of predeterminations to support timely treatment and payments. Receive automatic reminders when procedures you tag as requiring a predetermination appear in a treatment plan. Then, simply click to initiate and submit any needed predeterminations. To aid in tagging, upload a research-based list of common predetermination procedures to get started or copy from a previously tagged plan.

Patient Follow-Up Enhancements

Save time and steps as you target and complete your appointment follow-ups. Filter appointments in your chosen date range, select the number of entries on your list (now up to 100), and click the Completed button to move follow-ups to a new tab for completed follow-ups.

Production Release 386

Enhanced Primary and Secondary Insurances Switching

Use drag and drop to easily change the order of patients’ insurance plans for coordination of benefits. Receive alerts, if needed, to change credit adjustments on unsent claims before changing the order.

Refresh Claim Status

When two or more days have passed without notification, a new Refresh Status button lets you check for updates on a submitted claim.

Set Predetermination Requirements Part 2

Increase your efficiency with the newer feature for tagging procedures that need predeterminations and receiving automatic reminders in treatment plans. Do this by selecting a previously edited insurance plan and using it as your template for another plan. Plus, as needed, add financial parameters for predeterminations based on the cost of the procedures.

Production Release 385

Switch Primary and Secondary Insurances

Easily modify the order of patients’ insurance plans to replace expired plans or update coordination of benefits with active plans. Receive immediate notification of impact on outstanding claims so you can select a future date for changes to take effect if needed.

Unresolved Claims Management

Simplify claims follow-ups by increasing or decreasing the number of days for follow-ups with a carrier or patient. With a single click, move a claim to the Dismissed Claim list (and back) for easier claims management.

Enhanced Patient Insurance Badge

Hover over a patient’s green shield badge to see the patient’s insurance plans without changing views.

Set Predetermination Requirements

Tag procedures that need predeterminations for a given carrier and receive an automatic reminder when the procedure appears in a treatment plan. Icons on tagged procedures serve as visual reminders. Save even more time by loading a research-based list of codes with predeterminations to start your edits.

Clinical Note Requirements

Turn off (or on) the requirement to provide clinical notes for specific procedures. Changes automatically apply to everyone in your organization.

Production Release 383-384

Provider A/R Totals Report with New Filters

Use new filters in the Provider A/R Totals Report to fine tune the results you need for paying providers. For financial data, set your desired filters for procedures, charge adjustments, and credit adjustments. For providers, select as many specific providers as needed (not just one or all).

Attaching Clinical Notes to Claims

Skip the step of converting clinical notes to JPEGs. Simply choose your clinical note narrative in Ascend. The note is converted and attached for you, with patient name, DOB, creation date, and essential practice contact information in the header. As needed, preview the note before attaching to confirm you picked the correct one. Label each note as appropriate: Narrative, Report, or Diagnosis.

Claim Attachments Size Information

To help you keep attachments under 15 Mb (the maximum size for the clearinghouse), you now can see the claim size with attachments prior to submitting. Remove any optional attachments, as needed, to help your claim move smoothly through the clearinghouse.

Rejected Claims on Unresolved Claims

Identify and address rejected claims faster than ever. From the Overview page, click the new Rejected number under the Unresolved Claims widget. Or, if you prefer using the Unresolved Claims Report, toggle the top-right setting to see only rejected claims. Either way, you get directly to the list of rejected claims so you can resolve and resubmit them to keep cash flowing.

Carrier-Specific Overdue Claims Periods

Rather than rely on the default of 14 days, you can now modify the number of days each carrier normally takes to return your claims. You then will receive “overdue” reminders for individual carriers based on your customizations.

Printed Claims Alert

For carriers that were added manually (all with Payor ID 06126), you now see a Print Claims reminder when viewing them under the list of Insurance Carriers. The clearinghouse will print and mail claims to these carriers for you. However, they do not send any electronic attachments.

Changing Providers in Treatment Plans

When updating providers in a treatment plan, save steps by first clicking one or more procedures. Then use the new “Change Provider To” drop down button to change all selected procedures at once to a new provider. (No need to open and change providers one procedure one at a time.) Click again to update projected amounts if the fee schedule for the new provider is different.

Clinical Notes Secondary Signer

To simplify signing clinical notes as the second signer, the Home dashboard alerts you to the number to be signed—under the Clinical Note Tasks widget. Simply click the number that appears under the Unsigned column to automatically open and electronically sign the notes.

Patient Social Security Numbers

To meet the needs of patient financing and insurance verification, you can now add social security numbers to their records. Only team members with the new Access Social Security permissions can view the information, and any review, update, or deletion is noted with the team member’s name in the Audit Log. In addition, SSNs are encrypted and not available in any reports.

CDT 2022 Update

Get 2022 off to a great start with the newest CDT codes. Enjoy fewer claim rejections and speedier reimbursements with the updates, featuring 24 new codes, including COVID vaccinations.

Production Release 382

“Print and Mail for Me” Patient Statements

Is your office printing, stuffing, and mailing patient statements at times when they could be helping in other ways, or perhaps doing it after hours on their own time? Now you have a fast, affordable alternative. Have your printed statements sent for you using the new Print and Mail for Me option. Available in all Ascend locations where you process statements, this service lets those with user permissions approve out-sourcing of high-quality, professional statements. Before sending, you always review costs that will be added to your next billing cycle for the service.

Editing Procedures from the Treatment Planner and Unattached Procedures

Save extra, past steps for updating procedure codes. Now you can simply click and modify codes while viewing them in the Treatment Planner or Unattached Procedures page.

Save Images with Tooth Number and Date

Meet the requirements for insurance companies who require image date and tooth numbers on diagnostic images. When saving images that include a template mount, one click adds the required information as a top banner before you save the images.

Contracted Fee Measure in Power Reporting and Posted Procedures

Knowing the contracted fee can help get you the correct amount for a procedure. Knowing that is easier now with the addition of a Contracted Fee field for custom reports built with the Analysis Schedule and Interactive Schedule report builders. In addition, viewing contracted fees is no longer dependent on creating a claim.

Production Release 381

Discount Plan Expiration Notices

Do you offer patients an in-house discount program—especially for those who are uninsured? By assigning an expiration date to the plan, you can be alerted, and notify patients, when that plan is about to expire (or has expired). Reminders appear on the patients’ Treatment Planner, Progress Notes, and Ledger pages—plus when scheduling an appointment.

Power Reporting with Current Status and Tooth Ranges

To help you take advantage of recent Power Reporting improvements, a new “Current Status” field has been added for custom report you may have built in the past. Building on recent procedure code enhancements, you can now see teeth included in a range for reports that include Proc Treatment Area.

Production Release 380

Procedure Codes for a Range

Make it easier to document progress and submit claims by creating codes for procedures that cover a specific range of teeth. In Progress Notes and on Claims, the range will appear for all teeth along with the procedure code.

Tracking Predetermination

Do you need to track your predeterminations from the treatment-planning phase to procedure completion? The new Analysis Procedure Report Builder in Power Reporting provides predetermination-specific fields you can use to build your custom report for personal or organization use.

ePrescriptions for Multiple Organizations and Minors

For providers who ePrescribe at more than one organization, you can now easily add your credentials at all organizations to save time on your prescriptions. Also, for pediatric patients, ePrescribe now collects needed height and weight information, automatically requiring it for those under age 18.

Production Release 379

Statement Submissions Report

Stay on top of your patent statements in three formats: emailed, printed in the office, or sent using Print and Mail for Me. Choose a date range and location see quantities and values of statements for each format. Then, drill down to see details for each type and print as needed.

Billing Statement Enhancements

If you prefer to first send electronic statements to all patients, the refreshed Billing Statement dialog box helps you send those immediately to patients with valid email or text information using. A new pop-up then gives you the names of those without a valid email address or text number, so you can easily send printed statements to those patients. This is all managed with the Billing Statement dialog box. Lastly, the Patient Connection page shows you the outcome of your billing statement activities—whether successful, in progress, or failed.

Charting Symbol Priorities

New priorities for showing completed and existing procedures, conditions, and treatment planned procedures make it easier to track progress on the Patient Chart.

Moving Planned Procedures on the Calendar

When you move all procedures from a scheduled appointment, save potential frustration for you and your patients thanks to an empty appointment that remains on the Calendar and tells where the procedures were moved. When moving treatment planned procedures and recare, the system confirms the move and tells the impact on existing appointments.

Changing Providers in the Recare Panel

If the assigned provider changes during an appointment, you can easily update that while in the Chair or Checkout status of the Routing Panel. A pop-up confirms the change of assignment to avoid potential errors.

Updated Estimated Net Production Calculation and Show Deletions in the Day Sheet

As needed, add charge adjustments and unapplied credit adjustments to the Day Sheet to get the results you want. See tooth and surface information for deleted procedures for better clarity.

Denti-Cal Reporting Enhancements

Reconcile Denti-Cal claims faster with automatic download of the past 30 days and improved search capabilities to find responses. Annotate claim details as needed and copy to the patient’s Document Manager to record the information. If you don’t find the response you need, easily toggle back and forth with the Unresolved Claims page for forensic help.

Ledger Enhancements

Set the Ledger to automatically jump to the patient’s most recent transaction upon open to save time. By choosing to view the Ledger by transaction date, the system now automatically sorts in the order you most recently used (oldest to newest, newest to oldest).

Production Release 377

Better Tracking of Insurance Estimates and Outstanding Balances

Have a better handle on patient balances with the latest Ledger updates. Easily track changes to anticipated patient and insurance portions as payments come in, coverages change, and numerous other updates—all while keeping track of prior expected payments. “Transfer of Responsibility” records provide best accuracy for accounts receivable and better data for explaining balances to patients.

Scheduling Related Patients

Book family members (and other related patients) at the same time with greater efficiency. After scheduling a patient, easily select related members from a drop-down list and book them for the same day.

Predetermination Tracking Power Reports

Stay on top of predeterminations with two new Power Reports. Easily track predetermination requests not yet sent, and monitor the returned information for those already sent. Quickly identify procedures that are cleared to go, plus know where additional follow-up is needed to get clearance.

Production Release 375

Appointment Times in Reminders

Help your patients arrive on time. Now appointment reminder text messages include the exact time the appointment will start.

Online Booking Updates

Avoid accidental double-booking. Sometimes patients take too long to finish their online scheduling, allowing someone else to request their preferred time. If so, the Online Booking feature lets them know that their selected time is no longer available. They can then start over to book a different time.

Ledger Enhancements for Backdated Transactions and Transaction History

Get better oversight of backdated transactions in closed periods. A new pop-up for backdating in closed periods requires credentials validation, adds the transaction to the Audit Log, and notifies users if someone using their credentials unsuccessfully attempts to backdate a payment, credit adjustment, or charge adjustment. To simplify the review of transaction histories, you can now deselect deleted items and transfers of responsibility, so they don’t show when reviewing transactions.

Predetermination Tracking Power Reports

Stay on top of predeterminations with two new Power Reports. Easily track predetermination requests not yet sent, and monitor the returned information for those already sent. Quickly identify procedures that are cleared to go, plus know where additional follow-up is needed to get clearance.

Coordination of Time Entries in Calendar and Tx Planner

No need to update the same appointment length in two places. Change an appointment length in the Treatment Planner and the length is automatically updated in the Calendar—and vice versa, Calendar changes update in the Treatment Planner.

Production Release 371-373

Time Clock

Looking for an online tool to track attendance easily? The Time Clock feature allows users to “punch in” and “punch out” at one or more locations. Admins have control over editing and managing the timestamps and hours worked as needed. Meanwhile users and admins can report and export the data for personal time-tracking and for transfer to payroll systems.

Proxy Prescription Preparation

For busy clinicians, delegating the preparation of electronic prescriptions can be a huge time-saver. Simply designate in user settings which team members are authorized, and they can set up everything according to doctors’ orders—leaving the busy clinician only to “approve and send” to electronically submit the prescriptions and post them in Progress Notes. Better service to your patients comes without a big burden for providers.

Automated Attachment Reminders

Don’t delay another claim due to missing attachments. Effective with this update, Dentrix Ascend alerts you anytime industry guidelines call for documentation with a submitted claim—base on the procedure code. For secondary claims, alerts remind you of the need to add EOBs.

Calendar Enhancements for Provider and Appointment Production

When production numbers for individual providers change during the day, click the alert to easily update your view to see the most current appointment values and provider totals.

Text Message Enhancements

Common electronic message conventions now alert user about the number of unread messages in the Inbox or an individual text message thread. Users can toggle message between Read and Unread.

Production Release 367-369

Transaction Revision History

Have you wished you could modify past transactions without changing a closed financial period? Now you can, by making the changes in the current ledger, while retaining a snapshot of the original transaction. For accurate tracking see any changes that were made to procedure code, provider, payment, tooth number, and more. Choose the view you need by expanding and collapsing the Ledger to see revisions. Keep a clean audit trail by requiring reasons for corrections and deletions.

Report Updates

See the new transaction history information at work in popular standard, built-in reports: Deposit Slip Report, Payment Analysis Report, Provider A/R Totals Report, Day Sheet, and Payment Plan Status Report. View the historically accurate data for any date in the past, as well as correct current data.

Calendar Enhancements for Location Production

When production numbers for your location change during the day, click the alert to easily update your view to see the most current totals.

Production Totals Chart Enhancements

Understand your production totals better than ever with new chart options to view daily, weekly, and monthly totals—with the option to filter by providers. Weekly and daily views let you toggle between chart and table.

Bulk Insurance Payment Enhancements

Process your bulk insurance payments faster with improvements for selecting the carriers by name or payor ID, and better search and navigation capabilities to zero in on patients to be processed.

Questionnaire Enhancements – Including Pedo Data Capture

Wishing you had additional details on patient forms? Depending on answers, Demographics, Dental History, and Medical History questionnaires now collect additional information. Capture information on the person completing the form—if the form is completed by someone other than the patient. Get guarantor details if the patient is not the guarantor. If the patient is a minor, a series of questions specific to minors follows. Get the doctor’s name and phone number for patients under care of a physician, and reasons for past hospitalization.

Import New Users from File

Save time entering new users. Prepare the needed information in the provided .CSV template and let Ascend set them up for you. For providers, import their NPI, DEA, TIN, and State ID numbers along with their other information.

New CDT 2021 Image-Only Codes

For times when an image will be taken in one office and analyzed in another, select from nine new CDT codes. New checkboxes let you note these “image only” procedures—either as the sending or receiving practice.

Tag Images with Tooth Numbers

Easily assign tooth numbers to images while viewing image history on the images tab.

Learning Resources for New Users

New to Dentrix Ascend? Start here. The new Dentrix Ascend Overview video provide a quick look at areas of Dentrix Ascend. Then stick around to view a variety of resources hosted in a new area specifically for beginners.