Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is Dentrix Ascend?

Dentrix Ascend is a modern, scalable, web-based solution from Henry Schein Practice Solutions. It is created by the same company that developed the original Dentrix—the most popular practice management system in North America.

Is Dentrix Ascend just Dentrix on the Web?

No. Dentrix Ascend is a completely new product, designed specifically as a Web-based application and with a new workflow that is very distinct from the original Dentrix application.

Is Dentrix going away now that we are releasing a new web-based application?

No. We have a robust development roadmap and will continue to support Dentrix going forward.

Where can I find out more about Dentrix Ascend?

Set up a product demonstration by clicking on Request Demo.

Pricing and Licensing

Are logon IDs tied to specific computers?

No. Logon IDs are named users in the system. A practice can have as many computers and iPads as they wish. Users can logon through any supported device.

Can users share logon IDs?

There can be only one active session at a time for each logon ID. If a user is logged onto the system and a second user attempts to log on from a different device with the same logon ID the first user will be kicked out of the system and the second user will be granted access. In addition, work in the system is tracked by user ID. To fully utilize the system, an office will want to know which user performed which task.

What if I don’t want to pay for additional sites?

Technically a practice can put all of their operatories in a single site, but there are good reasons not to do so. Whether a practice is paying for additional logon IDs or for a second site the pricing is the same. Reporting is based on sites, so if a practice combines all of their operatories into a single site they will not be able to separate sites for comparative reporting.

What if a multisite needs more logon IDs at one site and less at another?

Logon IDs and storage are pooled for multisite or practices. They can be used by any office, regardless of location.

What do you charge for electronic services?

Electronic services such as electronic claims processing, electronic claims attachments and more are built in to Dentrix Ascend and included in the monthly price for the system.

Technical Questions

What browsers are supported for Dentrix Ascend?

Dentrix Ascend is only supported on the Google Chrome browser since it is available on any operating system. Dentrix Ascend is also supported on Safari for the iPad.

What are the recommended hardware, software and network specifications?

See the Technical Recommendations flyer on the Resources page:

Can I use another operating system besides Windows and Mac if I want to?

If you use an operating system other than those specified, we cannot guarantee they will perform satisfactorily.

Can I use Dentrix and Dentrix Ascend at the same time?

No. Dentrix Ascend is a completely different application that is designed to work on the web. It cannot be run in tandem with any other practice management software. Customers who are using Dentrix and wish to use Dentrix Ascend will need to convert their data as they would when migrating to another practice management software.

What makes Dentrix Ascend different from any other practice management system?

We have completely reimagined dental practice management software to ensure a practice operates more efficiently. By understanding each user’s role in the practice and easily guiding them through daily routines, Dentrix Ascend helps ensure your practice will reach its goals.