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Profitability Coaching

Take the fast lane to higher productivity and profits for your dental practice



Dentrix Ascend Profitability Coaching™ gives you the business advice you didn’t get in dental school—expert advice tailored to your practice and your team. Through one-on-one coaching you learn how to leverage your Dentrix Ascend cloud-based dental software to improve your practice and your bottom line.


“I completely underestimated Dentrix Ascend’s full potential. [Our coach] helps us with so many different aspects of the analytics, and I absolutely love it. We had the entire team watch, and our data improved with each call... Great stuff.”

Nolan Andrews DDS, Main Street Dental | El Dorado, KS

Why Invest in Profitability Coaching?

Dentrix Ascend Profitability Coaching helps you focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that affect your profits. In just seven months, the average practice can realize KPI improvements such as:

  • How to identify a healthy ratio of dentist to hygienist patient care
  • What is the ideal production-to-collection ratio in your practice
  • How losing one hour of dentist production time in a week can cost you thousands in revenue each year

Profitability Coaching can benefit practices new to Dentrix Ascend as well as practices experienced in using Dentrix Ascend.

Get Customized Coaching from Dentrix Ascend Professionals

With Profitability Coaching, you get a coach who is experienced in both Dentrix Ascend and successful business management. Your coach will work directly with your team to improve performance using the profitability tools built into Dentrix Ascend. Through a series of conference calls, you’ll learn proven business techniques from the dental industry’s top consulting firms. Your coach will help you recognize exactly where to make changes that impact your practice’s success, from filling holes in your schedule, to tracking case acceptance, to improving collections and more.

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Learn What Your Practice Needs to Improve

Each month, Profitability Coaching covers a topic tailored to your practice needs. Your team will learn how Dentrix Ascend tools can help:

  • Increase Profitability—how to track, analyze and improve your practice KPIs.
  • Optimize Your Schedule—how to eliminate scheduling gaps and reduce missed appointments.
  • Increase Production and Case Acceptance—how to track and influence treatment plan acceptance.
  • Maximize Continuing Care—how to increase your number of active patients.
  • Improve Patient Management and Referrals—how to track referrals and increase patient loyalty.
  • Improve Collections and Insurance Management—how to reduce debt, identify problem accounts and streamline insurance management and collections.

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Talk to an experienced business advisor over the phone, at a time that’s convenient for you. In just 30 minutes you can learn the next steps to increasing your profitability.

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