Smarter System, Smarter Practice: Dentrix Ascend Cloud-Based Dental Software

Smarter System, Smarter Practice:
Dentrix Ascend Cloud-Based Dental Software

Break free from software hassles and come with us to the cloud. Spend less time
managing your practice and more time caring for your patients.

Break Free of the Silo

Scale your business and centralize your data on your own terms. Ideal for group practices and DSOs, Dentrix Ascend practice management software can help you integrate workflows within and across locations, no matter how many you have, so you can leave a silo mentality behind.


Smarter System. Smarter Practice.

Dentrix Ascend includes a predictive problem-solving feature called Goals, Problems and Solutions (GPS). This unique
business tool identifies tasks that need attention and provides solutions to keep your practice on course.

Your Path to Productivity Icon

Your Path to Productivity

When you or your team members log in, Dentrix Ascend displays a role-based Practice Overview that shows the current status of your primary work items. Each day you get a customized to-do list, so no important task slips through the cracks.

Flexible and Secure Icon

Flexible and Secure

With Dentrix Ascend, you won’t waste time worrying about software updates, backups, hardware maintenance or storage space. You don’t need to buy expensive servers or network equipment. You and your team can use the devices you prefer—from PCs to iPads—to practice dentistry the way you prefer. As a result, you can focus on patient care and practice profitability

Work Smarter and Faster Icon

Work Smarter and Faster

Built-in Task Automation Management Intelligence (TAMI) automates repetitive tasks, like patient reminders, helping your team to work smarter.

The Dental Expert Series - Sponsored by Dentrix Ascend
The Dental Expert Series - Sponsored by Dentrix Ascend WATCH NOW

Advanced Tools Speed Your Path to Productivity

Dentrix Ascend packs advanced business, practice management and clinical tools into an easy-to-use interface. You can move quickly from new user to expert, reaching full productivity almost immediately. Experience the freedom and flexibility of using cloud based dental practice management software. Dentrix Ascend provides a unique workflow that guides you and your team to greater efficiency—on any device, from any location.