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Dentrix Ascend Pay

Make your practice more efficient, more convenient and more secure with Dentrix Ascend Pay.

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Make Every Day Payday: 3 Power Tools That Make It Easy to Pay and Collect

Dentrix Ascend by Henry Schein One offers a power trio of integrated payment tools that make it easy and fast for staff to take payments and super convenient for patients to pay.

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The Future of Online Payments Looks Bright - Experience the Benefits: Fast. Convenient. Flexible. Paperless.

Learn how moving to or incorporating an online billing and payment solution can help you collect more payments more quickly, and spend less time doing it — so your staff can devote more resources to patient care.

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Dentrix Ascend Integrated Payments and Billing Solution Podcast

Increase cash flow, save time and money, and make the payment and billing process seamless and convenient. Plus, get a sneak peek of the future of payments and billing.

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Case Studies

Dentrix Ascend Pay Case Study

With Ascend Pay, all payments are processed and posted automatically in Dentrix Ascend,” Cord continued, “which streamlines the whole process. Plus, we can accept pretty much any payment type our patients prefer to use — from traditional magnetic stripe and chip cards to smartphone apps, eWallets and HSA/FSA cards.

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Making the Payment Process Convenient, Efficient and Streamlined

Why your practice needs to upgrade to a contactless, cloud-based, integrated payment solution

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Dentrix Ascend Pay Product Sheet

Dentrix Ascend Pay gives your practice an integrated payment solution to process all popular payment types efficiently and accurately.

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Dentrix Ascend Pay Infographic

Streamline your payment workflow with an integrated payment solution.



Three Ways To Improve Practice Cash Flow

Dentrix Ascend, along with integrated solutions Dentrix Ascend Pay and Dentrix Ascend Online Payments, work hand in hand as a complete payment solution to make it easier for you to get paid.

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Making It Easier and Safer for Patients to Pay

Getting paid on time requires having a simple, convenient payment process.

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Why Cloud-Based Payment is the Future

Cloud-based payments systems that provide contactless payment methods help patients feel safe, improve your team’s efficiency and bring revenue to the practice sooner.

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See how Dentrix Ascend Pay can deliver time and money savings to your practice.

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