Multi Location Dental Practice Pros

Dentistry is a people business, and communication is key to your practice’s success. Cloud-based dental software has changed the way dental practices manage their daily operations, and one change for the better is making information available anywhere, anytime for multiple office locations.

A cloud-based practice management system keeps your multi-site practice on the same page, because your team can see the same patient files, schedules, databases and ledgers no matter where they’re working. Below are five more advantages to practicing in the cloud.


From the receptionist to the dentist, the ability to access patient files, schedules and other information is crucial. Cloud-based dental software can be accessed from any location, even after office hours. All you need are login credentials and a device with a web browser. The cloud is the perfect software solution for mobile dentists and practices that have grown beyond a single location.


The cloud makes updating patient files, scheduling appointments and other daily tasks more efficient by allowing instant availability of information. When a patient calls, you can see their file and the schedule for each office and provider. It’s much easier to find the next available opening if you can see all schedules at once. And, any changes to the schedule or to a patient file are synchronized and immediately visible in all other locations.


Cloud-based dental software gives your practice flexibility in the devices you use. Your team can use the devices they’re already comfortable with—Mac or PC or tablet—as long as they connect to the Internet. This flexibility means less time learning how to use a new device and more time using its features.


With cloud-based software, you no longer have to worry about server glitches, software updates or backups. Cloud systems are maintained by technical experts in off-site data centers. There’s no down time for maintenance, so you can stay in constant communication with all of your practice’s office locations.


Cloud-based software is adaptable to specific team members. Customized to-do lists, preferred schedule display, status reports, charting and more can be adapted to the way your team works. With a cloud-based system, efficiency improves across all of your dental offices.