Work Worry-Free with Cloud-Based Dental Software

In-office dental practice management systems are accompanied by liability and hassle. Cloud-based software provides a superior alternative, offering greater convenience while saving time and money.

With the burden of maintaining software and hardware onsite, traditional dental practice management systems can be expensive and time-consuming. Other drawbacks include inevitable hardware malfunctions, potential issues with the server, performing regular manual data backups and periodically upgrading your system. Practices will often hire an IT professional to keep their system running and up-to-date. Additionally, the in-office approach lacks mobility—you must be onsite to use the system, and are therefore limited in your ability to access information.

Cloud-based dental software provides the solution to these problems. By operating online, with software and data stored remotely, many potential complications are removed from the equation. You are able to access the easy-to-use clinical, office and business management tools without the inconvenience. You save on IT support, as well as the cost of data storage and software and hardware maintenance.

You most likely carry out professional and personal interactions online every day, such as sending emails, paying bills, booking flights, so why not consider operating your dental practice management system over the web?

Cloud-based software is reliable and highly intuitive. Your team can learn the system quickly and stay up to speed. As the system becomes familiar with how your practice functions, it adapts accordingly to streamline your office workflow.

With cloud-based dental software, your data is accessible 24 hours per day, from any location and any device. This gives you the flexibility to practice in multiple locations without the need for additional systems or duplicate data. Staff is able to access the information they need from their device of choice, be it a desktop computer (PC or Mac), iPads or laptops. With trained IT professionals maintaining and supporting your system remotely, you spend less time problem solving. Instead, you can focus your time and energy on patient care and further cultivating your practice.

Your data is backed up immediately and automatically following input and is stored in data centers equipped with disaster recovery technology. With rights administration, you are able to control which users can access which types of information. This is paired with monitoring to detect any unauthorized attempts to breach security.

Another added perk is unlimited storage capacity. With traditional systems, you’re limited on the amount of storage available to you and you have to maintain it. So once you reach capacity, you have to spend more money for more storage space. The convenience of the cloud gives you unlimited data storage capacity, which is stored remotely and maintained by a third party, so you don’t have to worry about cramming equipment into your office or spending time and money on storage needs as your practice grows.

Cloud-based service, the worry-free and accessible solution your practice needs, allows you to focus on what you really care about—providing high-quality, personalized dental care.