5 Ways Cloud Based Software Can Save You Time and Money

Time and money are perhaps two of the most stressful aspects of any dental practice. There never seems to be enough of either. But with COVID-19 restrictions forcing practices to close or severely cut back hours, many dentists have more time to explore how to optimize their practice technology mix. A cloud-based practice management software can help streamline daily tasks and cut costs when their practice returns to full operation.

Lower IT Costs

The most expensive part of a traditional system is often the IT costs that come with it and the devices you need to run it on. Cloud-based dental software eliminates the need to hire an IT department or technician because it already includes the expertise of trained professionals at your offsite data center. Included in most cloud-based software’s monthly price is the guarantee that IT professionals will be monitoring and updating your software on a regular basis. Software that runs without creating downtime to perform updates, licensing or troubleshooting decreases wasted time and increases productivity. Not to mention it saves you thousands in emergency IT calls throughout the year.

Use the Devices and Hardware You Already Have

Like IT costs, devices and hardware are an up-front expense that can have a significant effect on your monthly budget. Instead of buying backup hard drives, new desktop computers or software to update an old computer, invest in the cloud. Cloud-based software can be accessed from any device. The software can be accessed from devices cheaper than traditional desktop computers, such as tablets or even cell phones. By using these different devices instead of personal workstations, your practice can save a good chunk of change.

Use Less Electricity

It’s easy to forget how much money your practice invests in electricity and Internet charges. The cloud helps minimize the electricity your practice uses while maximizing your use of the Internet. It’s cheaper to charge a laptop, tablet or cell phone for one to three hours than to keep your desktop computer constantly plugged in and chugging along for an eight- to nine-hour workday. By decreasing the amount of electricity-sucking devices you use, the cloud lowers your electric bill.

Scale Your Usage as Needed

Perhaps the most impressive feature for cloud-based dental practice management software is the ability to scale up or down based on your practice’s needs. Because monthly payments are usually based on storage space and number of users, it is extremely cost-effective to pay only for what you need. If your practice grows, you can increase the amount of storage and number of users you would like to pay for in your monthly payment. Likewise, if you downsize your practice, you can minimize the amount of storage and number of users you pay for. The cloud is easily scalable for your practice’s usage needs.

Boost Productivity

Last but not least, cloud-based software enhances office productivity. By streamlining daily operations, the cloud organizes and simplifies office tasks. When software is constantly available, there is no waiting time to access schedules, patient files or billing information. The cloud opens up interoffice communication and reduces time spent emailing or hunting down coworkers for a simple question. And authorized access to information is easy for patients and dentists alike with the simple click of a mouse.

Cloud-based practice management software offers a variety of ways to save money and time in your dental practice. By saving in big areas such as IT and hardware, and smaller areas such as electricity, you can see an enormous change in your monthly practice costs, all thanks to the cloud.

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