3 Facts That Demystify Cloud-Based Dental Software

It’s a safe bet to say that the cloud is already part of your daily life. If you use Gmail, Facebook or online banking, then you are participating in cloud computing.

So if you already use it in your daily personal life, why are you reluctant to move your dental practice to the cloud?

Significant cost and time-saving benefits await dental practices that use cloud-based dental software. But even so, many dentists still express real concerns about moving their practice over to the cloud.

The three primary concerns dentists seem to express—one or all may be concerns you have—revolve around security, Internet stability and accessibility.

Is My Data Really Safe in the Cloud?

Yes. You may not know the details of the technology that keeps your patients’ information in the cloud, but data saved to the cloud in a modern data center has a lot of protections not available unless you want to hire and pay for a full time IT staff member.

A full-time team who monitors your data is one of the perks of having a cloud-based solution. These solutions protect your practice from various threats, including unauthorized release of information, backup failures and virus and malware infections.

If the Internet Goes Down, How Will I Run My Practice?

Internet outages do happen from time to time. But even if your practice experiences one, there’s no reason to shut your office down for the day or think that you can’t work or access needed files. Outages are minor hiccups that are typically resolved quickly. To be prepared if and when your Internet goes down, simply purchase a wireless hotspot as a backup connection to keep your practice management software up and running during the outage.

Some dentists fear that they will lose information during an Internet outage. They won’t. With cloud-based software, you have real-time synchronization so your data is automatically backed up and saved in the cloud.

I Have Several Office Locations, So How Does That Affect My Access?

A web-based solution is the perfect solution for multi-location dental practices. Your practice management software is accessible from any of your locations, any time of day. You can even access it from home or while traveling, as long as you have a device with Internet access.

Another perk for those with multiple offices is that when you make a change to a patient’s file from one location, it’s automatically saved and updated in the system so your staff working in other office locations can instantly see those changes.

Change can be daunting for anyone, but it can be especially overwhelming when you’ve been running your office on a certain system for years and are considering a change to a different one. But switching over to cloud-based dental software is easy and hassle-free.