Use a Cloud-Based Practice Management Platform to Scale the Systems Across Your Multilocation Group Dental Practice

The upside of success is undeniable. But what about the downside?

There are solutions. Among them is using cloud-based software to standardize and scale the systems across your multilocation group dental practice.

The complexity is real.

These and more can distract you from patient care and a sustainable patient experience.

Why a cloud-based practice management system (PMS) can handle the complexity of practice growth

Traditional, server-based platforms have been the longtime standard. Even so, there comes a time when expanding your practice requires more scalability.

Servers are an ongoing purchase for each location. That’s followed by updates, licensing fees and duplicate applications for each practice.

Here’s where a cloud-based PMS for multiple locations exceeds the limits of a server-based system.

Perspective on each practice location

What you can see you can more easily manage. Each practice has its unique metrics to track.

Streamlined processes

Insights gained from each practice within your group can help you refine your daily routines.

Though overwhelming at times, practice growth can be managed. A cloud-based system helps you sustain your growth while keeping you focused on your wheelhouse — patient care.

The joy of standardized and scalable systems with a cloud-based PMS

Centralized dental practice operations enable you to stay on top of each practice within your group. A more seamless patient experience is possible with a cloud-based platform.

Gain visible insight into your organization and individual locations

Scope of insight is key to keeping your entire group practice on track. Reporting, tracking metrics and overall management relies on useful, real-time data.

A cloud-based PMS is equipped for your multilocation environment. It’s customizable so you and your management team can access data from each practice when you need it — onsite or offsite.

Manage teams according to individual roles and tasks

Practice culture revolves around team member roles. And each practice in your group has a unique culture relative to each team member within it.

Cloud-based dental software allows you to manage individual team information, report data and patient experience. Imagine the ability to create standardized team management systems that align with a specific team’s culture.

Collaborate around customized reports and data

Practice data becomes more complex as you grow and expand. The capability to switch between each office’s records and workflows creates customizable information you can share individually.

Improve the patient experience by identifying and using available data specifics

Improvement is a process. It often revolves around the data you track, monitor and measure.

The ability to customize your reports specific to each practice gives you an advantage. A cloud-based PMS provides practice-specific access to needed information, plus the ability to designate team member responsibility.

Standardize your services around shared patient information

Portability is an important evaluation point for a cloud-based platform. The ability to access patient profiles across your locations allows their details to flow visit to visit.

Consider the scope of data sharing this can include:

Portable patient information increases staff efficiency and can lead to a better patient experience.

Give your team the tools to manage their workflows

Ease of use and scalability for team productivity is another core benefit of a cloud-based PMS. Access to relevant platform features can be tailored to team members throughout your organization.

Configure your metrics for better productivity management and overhead monitoring

It’s good to know you can spot an issue with your revenue stream or be alerted to an area of low performance. Cloud-based dental software keeps your finger on the pulse of your organization’s overhead and production.

Growth and expansion can be challenging without being stressful. The practical strengths of your dental practice management system help you meet those challenges with scalable processes.

A cloud-based software platform like Dentrix Ascend does that and more for your multilocation group dental practice. Check out these related resources:

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Improve systems scalability using a proven cloud-based dental practice management platform

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