4 Important Dental Cloud-Based Software Features

Dentrix Ascend offers a variety of features that help improve efficiency, cost and time management in your dental practice. The truth is, software has much to do with how your office functions on a daily basis. Traditional client-server software can’t provide the same work environment as today’s newest cloud-based software.

Cloud-based dental software has a lot to offer. The following are four often-overlooked features that, if used, will make a positive difference in your office.

Real-Time Communication

Communication is one of the best ways to improve productivity. Dentrix Ascend has developed real-time updates, such as automatic data backup, instant access and immediate data collection, which allow instant communication to happen throughout your practice.

With our cloud-based software, all of your workspaces are automatically backed up so you'll never lose a patient’s chart or X-ray. Likewise, your instant access ensures that while you edit a patient’s chart, schedule or insurance claim, another office location or user will see your changes right away. Instead of using last month's data report to gauge this month's successes, you can use the centralized dashboard to keep track of where your practice is currently performing to measure progress toward your goals.

Real-time communication keeps your entire practice instantly informed and always on the same page.

Flexibility with Operating Systems

Our cloud-based dental software also offers you the opportunity to use a variety of operating systems when accessing the cloud. With a Google Chrome browser, your employees and doctors are able to use their Mac, PC, tablet and even their mobile phone to access Dentrix Ascend.

Our flexibility in operating systems cuts down on hardware costs and saves employees time. Allowing employees to use their personal computers, tablets and phones helps minimize the office hardware you have to purchase, and instead of bulky servers and various desktop computers, your employees can use products they already love. Similarly, they can use devices they are already familiar with instead of using company time to learn a brand-new operating system.

The flexibility in operating systems provided by our software minimizes costs and maximizes employee output.

Customized Reporting

Our customizable reporting system allows you to provide great customer service while keeping detailed patient charts. With one-click access, you can view scheduling, patient history, appointment notes, insurance information and much more. Our various options for note style and chart management make it easy to adapt from paper charts to the cloud. Our custom reporting feature also allows you to add photos, X-rays and other attachments to patient charts, keeping all your pertinent information in one accessible spot.

With customized reporting, your office can focus less on tracking down paperwork and more on providing quality patient care.

A Package Deal

Lastly, our web-based dental software is available for one monthly payment, which helps keep costs low and efficiency high. And our software bundle contains more than the average package deal. We include a patient reminder system, electronic insurance claim submissions, online patient forms and the ability to accept credit card payments in conjunction with our basic software. These features are offered as add-ons with most other companies, but we provide them as a part of our incredible package deal.

The patient reminder system cuts down on missed appointments and the manpower usually spent calling, emailing or texting patients for reminders. Our insurance claim submission forms help keep your claims from getting lost, forgotten or ignored by insurance companies. Our online patient forms help keep patient information up-to-date without needing to waste time on manual entry. And lastly, our credit card option makes payment easy for customers and cheaper for you (no credit card machine costs).

Dentrix Ascend has features that truly change your office’s work environment. With instant communication, flexible operating systems, custom reporting and a stacked package deal, it will be easier than ever to increase your practice productivity and meet your practice goals.