4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to Cloud-Based Dental Software


That’s a useful, all-purpose term for how you want your dental practice or DSO to function. It’s also an evaluation point for deciding to upgrade to a cloud-based dental software platform.

That seems bold to say — especially since there are options for how you manage your dental practice or DSO’s data.

You might admit to testing your efficiency against your current dental practice management system (PMS). The results could signal a necessary upgrade to a cloud-based dental software solution.

Why consider cloud-based dental software?

No doubt the internet has helped redefine access and efficiency. You’re accustomed to in-the-moment information access.

Cloud-based dental software capitalizes on internet accessibility. You’re no longer bound by proximity to a fixed, on-location server.

Anytime, anywhere access somewhat redefines dental PMS efficiency. Plus, there’s the potential for unlimited storage of your patient data.

Cloud-based dental software is equipped with benefits worth considering.

These fundamental benefits are strong motivation for considering an upgrade to cloud-based dental software. It’s important to evaluate your current dental PMS and look for a few practical signs that an upgrade could solve.

4 signs it’s time to upgrade to cloud-based dental software

1. When you’ve exceeded the limits of your current system

You might discover that you and your team are having to patch or cobble together solutions for managing your daily dental practice routines. Or you could be faced with having to invest in more hardware or server capacity to accommodate your practice management needs.

Cloud-based dental software centralizes your current workflows. And its bandwidth is equipped to anticipate and support your practice’s growth.

2. When your team is sacrificing efficiency for complicated or outdated processes

Patient data consumes a high percentage of your front office team’s time. Aside from patient interaction, it’s perhaps their largest energy investment.

Related workflows can experience efficiency pinch points on an outdated or slow server-based software platform. Poor responsiveness or time-consuming report building impacts productivity.

Cloud-based dental software is designed to keep pace with your routine and time-sensitive workflows.

3. When you’re concerned about the security and backup of your patient data

Cybersecurity risks are common. You could also experience data breaches from unsecured access points such as weak passwords or lost administrative keys.

Bottom line, there’s no guarantee your data won’t be compromised whatever you do. But the likelihood could increase when your data is stored on an on-site server-based system.

Cloud-based dental software has built-in security and redundancy protocols.

4. When you’re intent on improving your patient experience

Much of the patient experience revolves around communication. It could be about billing, scheduling, and obtaining and importing patient information.

You might be forced to jump through some technical hoops to scale your server-based system for new opportunities. And the bandwidth or software issues could require costly upgrades.

A cloud-based dental software platform helps streamline the patient experience. You’re equipped out of the box for most innovations.

The good news is you have a choice. You’re no longer tethered to an in-office server for your dental PMS.

Cloud-based dental software expands your capacity for growth, team efficiency, data security and compliance, and improves your patient experience.

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