How Cloud-Based Software Improves Dental Practice Efficiency

It could qualify as one of those not-if-but-when scenarios. In this instance, we’re talking about being more productive and how cloud-based software improves dental practice efficiency.

There’s no shame in admitting that your dental practice isn’t as efficient as it could be. Your team members are stepping up their game daily, but they’re faced with care scenarios that can cause them stress and frustration.

The problem and solution could be traceable to the same source — your dental practice management platform. Could cloud-based software deliver the solutions you’re looking for?

The impact of cloud-based software on your dental practice’s efficiency

Efficiency has a ripple effect in your dental practice. It starts with how you manage your systems and ultimately flows into your bottom line.

It’s important to evaluate your system’s routine tasks. Each process you follow reveals the capacity of your dental practice management software (PMS).

For example, cloud-based software is fully equipped to handle the basic tasks where efficiency is essential.

Each of these task areas can stress an ill-equipped or outdated software platform. And when your system is stressed, your team is likely stressed as well.

Let’s unpack each of the above and explore the impact of cloud-based software on their results.

How cloud-based software improves dental practice efficiency

Hassle-free dental patient check-in

The check-in process often requires an unproductive amount of time. And with ringing phones, case presentations and patient checkouts, your team’s stress increases (while efficiency declines).

Cloud-based dental PMS streamlines the patient check-in process.

These features help your front office team stay focused on welcoming each patient and answering any questions about their appointment.

Clean, uncluttered dental patient scheduling

A random or cluttered schedule can have a direct impact on your production and profitability. The more “well-oiled” your scheduling process the better for your care and production values.

Team coordination is a key benefit of cloud-based PMS. All departments have access to the schedule, patient records and practice data.

Cloud-based software keeps your schedule accessible anytime, anywhere.

Easy to find and review patient records

Patient records can create a sense of data overload. And finding a specific portion of a patient’s record can also be time intensive.

Cloud-based software streamlines your records search. Patient profiles, notes, referrals and payment information can be presented in a one-page format.

And cloud-based software allows you to do this securely on compatible devices from any location with internet connectivity.

Relevant, automated patient communication

Traditional patient communication such as mailings and postcards can slow your patient interactions and delay production. A high percentage of patients are accustomed to faster, more relevant digital communication.

A cloud-based system enhances patient communication. Text and email messages can be personalized and automated.

Seamless billing procedures

Tracking payments and billing records is time-consuming. Related correspondence and communication adds to your team’s workflows.

Cloud-based software expands your practice’s billing management capabilities.

Intuitive team training

Operations, systems and technology have an impact on your team’s learning curve. Keeping everyone on track, in the know and productive involves shortening that curve.

A cloud-based software platform helps accomplish that. It’s because the interface is more intuitive.

Team members are likely familiar with an online, digital environment. They can more easily adapt to the dental applications because of their digital intuition.

Worry-free data backups

Security breaches and system failures happen. A natural or technical disaster could destroy your valuable patient data.

Manual backups provide some level of security. But they’re time-consuming and can lack effectiveness on occasion.

A cloud-based PMS provides efficient and effective data backups.

Automatic updates

No doubt, traditional PMS requires a fair amount of update time. A cloud-based software system follows a routine and relevant update schedule.

IT support and troubleshooting

Patients are your concern. Dealing with IT and practice management platform issues shouldn’t occupy your time and energy.

Perhaps you have an IT contact on call. But with cloud-based software, you have ongoing, on-call access minus the delays or system downtime.

Locked-down patient information

The safety of your patient data is a top priority. It’s also essential that you meet related compliance issues.

A secure cloud-based platform protects your data as it resides on cloud-based servers and when it’s accessed remotely.

These benefits cover the gamut of most software-related challenges or circumstances. A cloud-based software platform like Dentrix Ascend provides these and more.

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