Follow This Path for a Success-ful Transition to a Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management System

As a dentist, you know the value of the “handoff.” Skillful transitions enhance your patient experience.

The same principle applies when you transition to a cloud-based dental practice manage-ment system. It’s all about the “handoff” — so to speak!

Make the most of your move to the cloud

It’s likely that your decision to embrace the cloud has a lot to do with untethering yourself from IT issues. Leading a dental practice shouldn’t have to be burdened with system up-dates or server crashes.

The benefits of cloud-based software are difficult to ignore.

Now that you’re settled on those benefits and more it’s time to make the move. That brings us back to ensuring that your handoff from server to cloud is smooth for everyone involved.

How to make a successful transition to a cloud-based dental practice management platform

Map out a “game plan”

Strategic planning applies to the vendor services you choose as well as your data and workflow migration. Security plays a major role in the process too.

Begin with the IT challenges you’ve faced. Outline what you want to gain by moving to the cloud.

The cloud benefits that have the most appeal to you and your team require strategic review also. These are fundamental:

Beyond these basics, create a list of your preferred features and benefits.

Rely on thorough research

No doubt, the cloud has traction and buzzword status across a variety of industries. That said, your scope of research will unlock the benefits you can expect — beyond the hype.

It’s vital to approach any cloud discussion or vendor interaction with probing ques-tions.

These questions are somewhat fundamental to your ultimate decision about the soft-ware/platform you go with. Be satisfied with your answers before proceeding.

Make sure your internet is up to speed

This includes literal speed. But it also has to do with bandwidth and reliability.

Your internet service provider (ISP) is the place to start. Slow or inadequate band-width will create problems going forward as you transition to the cloud.

Have a “Plan B”

Anticipating problems is key to being prepared when and if they occur. Backups and disas-ter preparation helps ensure that your data and workflows continue with as little down-time as possible.

Inventory your technology hardware and welcome nec-essary upgrades

Desktop technology, laptops and smart devices provide seamless access to your practice data. Keep in mind that cloud software has certain technical requirements that may or may not align with your current hardware.

Ease of access is at the core with a cloud-based system. Practice computers, tablets and smartphones require compatibility for you to maximize your cloud software.

Rally your team around the transition

An effective transition to the cloud requires an onboarding process. You’ll gain more buy-in and alignment from your team as you involve them throughout the journey.

Use cloud benefits and user-experience (UX) stories to stay the course

The frontline impact of cloud-based practice management software gets all the press. We’re talking…

You’ll also develop your own benefits profile once you make the move. It’s essential to your ongoing practice workflows that you highlight the UX stories from you and your team(s).

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