Best Practices to Follow for Your DSO or Group Dental Practice — Part 1

It’s refreshing to think about growth. So, when you’re positioned to expand, it’s essential to follow best practices for your DSO or group dental practice.

But growth isn’t possible without challenges:

Those are fundamental. And it would make sense to unpack each within the context of a best-practice mindset.

”We’re not in (solo mode) anymore…”

As a solo dental practice owner, you’ve probably accepted and face the previously mentioned challenges. Now that you’ve achieved a measurable level of success, you’re compelled to up your business-of-dentistry game.

More than ever, you’re perhaps discovering (and comfortable) with being somewhat of an organizational CEO instead of a one-practice CEO.

Now it’s a matter of building your organization and investing in those consistent best practices that can sustain your new enterprise.

Phase one best practices for your DSO or group dental practice

Plug-and-play, standardized systems

Everyone on the same page is better than random, whatever-works-for-you systems. Sure, each location will have its own thumbprint, but the processes are rooted in what works within your initial practice.

Think in system prototypes. In essence, what’s proven and tested can (and should be) reproduced and trained into each subsequent location:

Clear, connected communication processes

Team synergy relies on clear communication. That synergy applies to each individual practice and your overall organization.

Communication processes help drive new initiatives and new protocols into your team culture. Those processes also impact the way your team interacts within their respective departments.

How you communicate evolves. Face-to-face connections are still fundamental, but they’re supported (and often replaced) by digital communication channels.

Effective communication protocols have an “evergreen” quality. That means whether in-person or online, the message is clear. Effective communication protocols include:

And speaking of your teams…

Build and promote a positive team culture in each practice

This ultimately comes down to how well you hire. Whoever is tasked with hiring must understand, own and maintain your organization’s team culture.

Not all team hires will stick around. Reasons will vary, but make sure that team culture isn’t among them by:

Design an engaging patient experience

Treatment acceptance is an end result. The path to acceptance relies on how well you/your team engage your patients around their oral health solutions.

Technology and team additions can help improve your patient connections. For example, an intra-oral camera provides patients real-time perspective on their condition and your diagnosis.

And team members tasked with treatment coordination can give more focused attention to the dynamics around a patient’s case and recommended treatment, as well as financials and insurance.

Prioritize follow-up

Broken appointments, cancellations and no-shows create those annoying schedule gaps. Strategic follow-up routines can help reduce your ratios. Create schedule consistency through the following ways:

Keep in mind that best practices rely on best dental practice management solutions. A cloud-based system covers these bases and more.

These best practice-themed resources can assist your practice expansion:

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