Next-Level Success: A Best Practice Tool for Your DSO or Group Dental Practice — Part 2

Next-level success. Achieving it requires not only bold desire but also a best-practice tool for your multi-site/group dental practice.

Consider a cloud-based platform to be a “Swiss Army Knife” tool that powers your growth. Before we explore the cloud solution further, here are the initial growth strategies we covered in the first part of this article.

A quick review of what best practices look like in a DSO or group dental practice

Your decision to move from solo dental practice owner/leader to group practice ownership means accepting certain challenges. You also accept the reality of being an organizational CEO rather than a one-practice CEO.

For review, your leadership is directed towards best practices that are core to growing a sustainable DSO or group dental practice.

Standardized systems

You’ll need prototype systems that are tested, reproducible and trained into each practice location.

Best practice: everyone on the same page.

Clear communication

Synergized teams rely on clear communication. Ensure that your communication protocols are “evergreen,” personal, trained and technology friendly.

Best practice: clear communication that drives efficient operations.

Positive team culture

Hiring is key. Leverage team culture, trust team members and create an adaptive mindset across your organization.

Best practice: hire for culture.

Engaging patient experience

Treatment acceptance is the goal. Invest in your team and the technology that improves patient connections.

Best practice: improve case presentation dynamics.


Broken appointments, cancellations and no-shows derail your schedule.

Best-practice: automated, educated follow-up routines.

DSO or group best practices achieve their desired outcomes when you support them on a well-equipped practice management solution.

For this purpose, favor tips in the direction of a cloud-based dental practice management solution.

How to leverage a cloud-based solution for next-level success in your DSO or group dental practice

1. Change your thinking about workflows

A major portion of cloud-based software “magic” is data access. You’re no longer bound by proximity or relying on a team member to upload and share patient, practice or treatment data.

Cloud data storage is unique:

2. Eliminate your concern about updates and data security

Cloud-based systems stay consistent. Their consistency is due in part to how they update.

Unlike server-based systems, cloud-based systems experience the same updates across the group the moment they’re available and released. This is because:

And your data is secure. This gives you confidence that you won’t lose your vital patient and practice information. With cloud-based systems:

3. Save time and costs on practice management operations

Fewer IT problems and packaged service solutions accompany a cloud-based system. And that has a positive impact on your group’s revenue streams in the following ways:

Why not launch or upgrade your DSO or group practice without carrying the extra burden of an ill-equipped practice management system?

Best practices within your DSO or group dental practice require top-tier technology. A cloud-based platform covers all the bases.

The Dentrix Ascend system does that and more for your DSO or group dental practice. Check out these related resources:

Use a trusted and proven cloud-based solution to achieve your next-level success

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